Brow Beating – How Do Yours Measure Up?

Hi Gals! Today I had my brow appointment with Brows by Krystal at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in the Village of Cross Keys. I have been going to Krystal for over a year now and she gives my brows the ultimate treatment every time. Before I found Brows by Krystal I was going to the nail shops or hair stylists to have my brows “did” however I usually left feeling disappointed. The final straw for me was the day before my wedding I went to have my brows done and was burned by the wax! Luckily the make-up artist for the wedding was able to cover this blemish but from that point forward I was on a search to find someone who could “werk” these brows without fault.

Now ladies we all know that our brows are sisters but they are not twins but if you go to the wrong person they can end up looking like distant cousins! Here are some tips to help you find your brow expert:

~ Make sure that your brow expert is a licensed professional.

~Express your concerns and wants with the brow expert; in-turn he or she should give you a consultation on the status of your brows & which shape would look best for your face structure. Also most brow experts measure your brows to ensure that they do not take off too much and that the arch is done correctly.

~Ensure that the area where the waxing is taking place is clean and that the materials being use are new. If the area is unkept roll out because this can be a breeding land for viruses and bacteria.

~Once your appointment is complete, your brow expert should explain to you how to maintain your brows and what products you can use such as stencils, angle brushes or highlighters.

From my personal experiences, I have never had the above tips done at the nail shop or hair salon. I understand that going to spas or waxing salons do cost more money but the service that is given is well worth it!

Do you live in the Baltimore or surrounding areas and would like to have your brows done by Krystal? Well check out her Facebook Page here or contact her at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa (in the Village of Cross Keys) by phone @410-323-3636.  Trust me you will not be disappointed :)

My brows today:

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