Feature Fridays ~ Anika Johnson

Hey Gals! Today is our first installment of Feature Fridays and I will be interviewing the incredible Anika Johnson on her natural hair journey. Check it out:

NG:  Hello Anika! Thanks for allowing me to feature you on my new blog!  Please help us get acquainted with you by giving us some of that “need to know” information. 

Anika: I am a wife and mother of two. I work full-time for the Department of Defense and I am the co-founder and co-owner of Behind the Beauty, LLC.

NG: How long have you been natural?

Anika: I have been natural for almost 10 months.

NG: What made you want to make the transition from relaxed hair to natural hair?

Anika: I went natural back in 2006 but was unsuccessful. I wanted to try again after my good friend went natural because I thought it would be great to go through this journey with someone else. So in 2011, two weeks after my relaxer I chopped all my hair off and was literally bald in some places.

NG: Since you did the “big chop” do you feel like you have added accessories or make-up to grow into your new look?

Anika:  At first I did the big earring thing but for me less is more. My hair is such a statement that I do try to keep everything else pretty simple. The one thing I definitely changed was defining my eyebrows and making them pop. I don’t leave the house without my eyebrow defined and filled.

NG: Girl I completely agree with making sure those eyebrows are together before leaving the house; a great eyebrow frames the face perfectly!  What are some of your favorite hair products?

Anika: My favorite hair products are water, Shea Moisture hair milk, and essential oils like olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil.

NG: This month I challenged my readers to a No Heat Challenge. Do you use protective styles to help aid hair growth?

Anika:  The primary protective styles I do are twist outs and for moments when I need a break from my hair, I wear wigs.

NG: Ok, here is a tough one for you. If you had to pack only one hair product for a vacation what would it be and why?

Anika:  Castor oil because I can slick my edges and seal my ends with it.

NG:  Well I see I can’t get anything past you! If I had to answer that question I wouldn’t have been able to narrow it down to ONE single product. The castor oil is a great choice though it would definitely be on my list!

NG: Do you have a hair crush on anyone? If so, who?

Anika:  My hair crush is definitely my baby girl, Khloe.  Her hair is so thick and long. She truly inspires me to stay focused on my hair goals. Other than her I admire all women with natural hair who are confident enough to wear it out. This natural hair thing is not for the faint of heart.

NG: That is so sweet! I think it is awesome to show our children that pretty is not automatically associated with straight hair. With that being said, “What is the craziest question you have been asked in regards to your hair?”

Anika: I always get “Can I touch it?” But I find it flattering.

NG: What words of encouragement do you have for those who are on the natural hair journey?

Anika:  Stay focused. There will be bad days when you will be fed up to no end. But watching your hair grow and flourish will be amazing. It is truly one of the best decisions you will make for yourself. Don’t cave to society’s standards of beauty. Be your own kind of beautiful ;)

NG: Gals if you are looking to find out more about Anika’s company, Behind the Beauty, LLC please click here! Also be on the look out as Anika will be contributing a great piece about fashion which ties directly into the mission of Behind the Beauty, LLC; believe me you will not want to miss this!

~Well gals, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Feature Friday! Would you like to be featured on The Diary of a Natural Gal? Then please comment below and I will reach out to you privately. Remember to check back next Friday for a new person or business. ~

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