Feature Fridays ~ IKNOWLEE

Hi Gals! Are you ready for another great Feature Fridays installment? I hope so because you will not want to miss out on what Miss IKNOWLEE has to say…

NG: Please, tell us a little about yourself….

IKNOWLEE: My real name is Helecia and  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas which is where I currently reside.

NG: Your hair is absolutely beautiful! How long have you been natural and what made you decide to document your transition through YouTube?

IKNOWLEE: I have been natural for a year and 11 months. I will be two years natural on May 24th, 2012.  When I first decided to go natural there weren’t many vloggers documenting their journey; I remember watching MsVaughn, Naptural85 and Mahogany Curls. I feel in love and was inspired by these ladies. I started off slow learning how to edit, record and upload videos. I could only find natural hair styling videos once in a blue moon. I began to base my channel on that because I knew that if you didn’t have styling options, your natural hair could get boring. From that point on my channel grew and grew. I started off only making videos that I knew people wanted to watch. Then I began to take requests and record videos that I loved.

NG: I remember clicking on a video you did called “Spice Up Your TWA” and that’s how I got hooked on your channel! What is your favorite hair accessory?

IKNOWLEE: My favorite hair accessory has to be, hands down, a scarf. It’s so versatile and easily accessible. You can wear it around your neck in the colder months and continue to rock it on your head the rest of the year. With scarves you have several styling options, from turban to bow headbands.  You can even wear a scarf as a protective style or to cover a bad hair day. The possibilities are simply endless.

NG: You share several styles for TWAs, short & medium hair; what is your favorite look for your length?

IKNOWLEE: My hair is a bit longer than seven inches long and I love wearing an afro. I have waited a long time to reach this length so that I could wear a full fro. It’s also the easiest and quickest style for me to achieve.

NG: I love a good fro every once in a while myself. I see that you have used henna before (many of my readers want to try this) what are some pros and cons of this type of hair coloring?

IKNOWLEE: The benefits of henna are stronger and shinier hair with a permanent red tint. It’s a way to achieve a red tint on the hair without chemicals. Henna can also loosen the curl pattern over time. With this being said, I could not tell the difference once I stopped using henna.

There are several cons of using henna: it is permanent and  you also have to be careful if you want color (bleach) on your natural hair. The metallic salts in henna don’t  mix well with bleach and can cause breakage. I had to wait at least six months after my last henna treatment to get my highlights and I was not guaranteed it would not break. It was a risk I decided to take and so far I have not noticed any breakage. Another con is that your hair is not actually going to turn red but instead have a tint of red. That’s a huge misconception.

NG: Thanks for explaining that because I don’t think that many natural gals understand that henna is technically a hair coloring just without the bleach or chemicals. Now moving on to one of my favorite question: Do you have a particular hair idol? If so, who is it?

IKNOWLEE: My hair idols are Naptural85 and Loveislandbeauty on Youtube. I love the curl pattern and length of Naptural85’s hair. I absolutely can not wait until my hair reaches that length. I honestly just think loveislandbeauty is simply gorgeous from makeup to fashion to hair. She is just an all around total package.

NG: I too love Naptural85! She has beautiful tresses and I also like that she documented her hair journey from the beginning which is also something that turned me onto your channel as well. What are your favorite hair products?

IKNOWLEE: My favorite hair products are all of my Carol’s Daughters Butters.  The Loc butter is by far the best for my hair type. Lately Afroveda Twist, Loc and Roll Butter has been working miracles for my curl pattern. It has been leaving my hair looking as if I did a roller set. My favorite conditioners are Hairveda 24.7 Moist Condition and Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioners. I am never going to steer away from my Shampoo Bars from Chagrin Valley Soaps either. I also adore Oyin Handmade Hair Dew Leave-In Conditioner.

NG: If you could only bring one hair product on a trip, what would it be and why?

IKNOWLEE: Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. Why? I cannot stand my hair being dirty, so I would need something I could wash with. Honey Hemp can also be used as a leave-in therefore I would not lack the moisture or styling product for my hair. I love products that are dual purpose.

NG: If you could pass along guidance to gals transitioning or considering going natural what would it be?

IKNOWLEE: Natural hair is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get! Go for it! If you want to go natural just try it and if you don’t like, go back to a relaxer. Be patient and give it some time to adjust.

Wanna get more of IKNOWLEE? Then check out her Facebook page or her YouTube channel!

I hope you enjoyed this great installment of Feature Fridays, check back next week for another awesome interview!

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9 responses to “Feature Fridays ~ IKNOWLEE

  1. I started out the same way. Trying to grow my hair natural while still having the relaxer, but eventuially I ended up doing a big chop! Now im eight months in counting!! And im,loving my natural hair its never been healthier.But now im just trying to continue to let my hair grow. As of now im just wearing weave.

  2. I love her channel! And I was prepping to give up on the natural experience. I’ve been since April-ish. But it’s been rough…and I couldn’t find a channel I could relate to (as far as texture and length)…when I stumbled across I Know Lee, I put the flat iron down! I think we’re going to do a segment on natural hair in the next issue of DOT Magazine. I’m inspired!

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