Rolling in the Deep ~ Conditioning Your Hair

Yes I have been listening to Adele‘s cd over and over but you may have already picked that up from the title :) But some how that song made me think about deep-conditioning our hair (weird, I know) and the importance of this procedure. Oh how I love to deep-condition my hair! I love it because I feel like I’m taking my hair back to the basics; letting my tresses rehabilitate from the past week’s styling. Here are some deep conditioners that I like to use:



I absolutely love this hair treatment by Ojon! This restorative hair treatment completely revitalizes my color-treated hair like nobody’s business. This product has a nutty, buttery smell and the texture is smooth; it actually spreads from the warmth of your hands (so you don’t need to use too much). I like to apply this to my hair and leave on all day (covered with a plastic shower cap) then rinse; every time I use this treatment people think that I had my hair colored again. You can purchase this product at for $19.50 (1.5 oz).


I fell upon this product while reading one of my favorite blogs, Curly Nikki, and saw that many people had great reviews so I gave it a try! Gals, if your hair is prone to frizz or dryness then this is a product that you may want to give a try. This Jessicurl conditioner is thick and will soothe those frizzy and dry ends with just one application. This product is available for purchase for $16.95 at .


There is nothing like a good hot oil treatment to condition those tresses. Here is a method that I’ve tried a couple of times by Naptural85. Items used in the video are olive oil, castor oil, glycerin, vitamin E oil & jojoba oil. You can always add your own essential oils to the mix as well.

So gals, don’t forget to give your mane a deep-conditioning so that you can have healthy, manageable hair!

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