Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge – Setting Hair Goals

Hi Gals! It’s the beginning of week two of The Diary’s of a Natural Gals’ Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge (#TBCYH) and it’s all about setting your hair goals! During this week you will need to set a achievable hair goal for the course of our hair challenge but you don’t have to limit it to just one goal; just ensure that you can hold true to your goals.

For those gals who are involved in the Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge (#TBCYH) please share your goals with us here on this post. Throughout the challenge I will personally reach out to you to answer any questions you may have and to just encourage you :)

Natural Gal’s Goal: My personal goal for this challenge is to add length (at least 2 - 6 inches) I also would like to get accustomed to trimming my own ends (saves $) & to try to create my own mixture or try one that I find on YouTube to use in styling my hair.

My goals for the gal’s doing this challenge is to open their eyes to the beauty of their hair. I also hope that this challenge will bring us together, to be supportive to one another which will help keep us all on track.

I hope to hear from you all soon :)

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10 responses to “Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge – Setting Hair Goals

  1. My ultimate hair goal is to stop shedding by doing black tea rinses twice a month. Also I want to promote hair growth by sealing my hair, taking biotin supplements, deep conditioning and doing protective styles .

  2. My goal is length retention and cuter styles while protecting my ends. The search and destroy method works for me. I would like to learn to trim my ends evenly. I have recently started putting the Biotin tablets in my mixture, not sure if that’s a good idea but I will soon find out.

    • Hi Olivia! I’m noticing that some of your goals are similiar to mine which is great because we can share ideas. Please make sure to go the original Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge post and put “I’m in” so that you are able to get in on the great giveaways that are only available for those doing the challenge. Good luck with your goals and I will be in contact soon :)

  3. My goal is to stick to my goals lol! I just want to retain length and truly discover the versatility of natural hair and try to be healithier

  4. My goal is to promote hair growth by doing scalp massages, taking my vitamins and drinking more water.

  5. My goal is growth and overall hair health…I need to stick with my Biotin supplements and drinking more water…I’ve also been watching what I eat.

    • Curlytopia, I have to work on my eating in a serious way! Especially since I need to lose this baby weight I’m toting around. Make sure to let us know how your biotin pills are working for you.

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