Handing Out Pink Slips – Getting Rid of Your Stylist

“Excuse me but your services are no longer needed.”

How many of us have continued to go to a stylist that had no idea how to treat and care for natural hair? I know that I have had my feel of stylists that just wanted to straighten my hair or flat-twist it straight back and sit me under the dryer. Or do you know a stylist that insisted on straightening your hair to trim it? Maybe you have encountered one that will charge you extra for a protective style even though you’re really not using any additional chemicals outside of some styling creme and a bobby pin or two?

Well, honey, I’m here to tell you that I’ve handed out my share of pink slips to many stylists & you should too! Why waste your hard-earned money on someone who is not fulfilling your hair dreams? Instead seek out a stylist that can “werk” that hair without you going home asking yourself “what did I just pay for?”

When I’m searching for or continuing to see a stylist there are a couple of particulars I look for:

Salon Demeanor – I like to make sure that when I walk into a salon that my initial interaction with the front desk personnel is friendly & the salon is clean. I will NOT get my hair done in a dirty salon! If the salon is dirty then you can only imagine the cleanliness of the tools that will be used in your hair.

Punctuality – Time is something that I cannot get back so I don’t plan on spending ALL day in a salon! I understand that sometimes things come up but if the stylist is behind schedule due to double-booking then I’m out! Usually in these situations the stylist is running in between clients and one of us is going to come up short (literally in some cases).

Consultation - A good stylist is sure to do a consultation. There is no way that he/she should be asking you what you’re looking for while they are already cutting or coloring your hair. This should be done ahead of time so that both parties are aware of the hair expectations as the consultation will allow the stylist to inform you of your hair reality. Which leads me into…

Stylist Integrity – If you are frequenting a stylist that states they can do a type of style, color or cut & you leave wondering what you initially asked for then your stylist lacks integrity. You want to ensure that when you sit in that chair that your hair is in good hands and if your stylist is not comfortable doing something then this should be said.

The above mentioned are the top things that I look for when seeking or continuing to see a stylist. What do you look for in a stylist?

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