Weekly Hair Agenda ~ What’s on Yours

Hi Gals! So we are looking at another week & we must find something to do with our tresses not to mention that Memorial Day is right around the corner which means we must be extra fly! Check out the YouTube videos that I pulled this week:



FroStoppa – Swirled Flat Twists and Mini Twists

SimplYounique – Retro Twist on a Modern Gal

Kasheera - Braid Out w/ Eco Styler Gel

iknowlee – Braided Pin Curl Updo

I hope this gives you some ideas; if you noticed I picked protective styles that you can rock for the work week and then take out for the weekend! Have a great day!

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One response to “Weekly Hair Agenda ~ What’s on Yours

  1. I tried the braid out with Eco Styler, but was unsuccessful. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that I am in the transition phase. I wll try it again once I do the BC. Thank you for sharing these videos and keep them coming. Even though I can not do them, I have been sharing these videos with family and friends and they are rocking these new styles.

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