DMV National Natural Hair Meet-up (RECAP)

Hi Gals! I wanted to share with you my experience at the DMV National Natural Hair Meet-up that took place on Saturday, May 19, 2012; overall I was pleased with my first meet-up and here are my highlights:

  • Check-in went nice and smooth; the two ladies that were greeting everyone were so friendly & offered to take pictures of you and the guest speakers with no problem!
  • The event was broken down into two banquet rooms: one for the vendors and one for the workshops. My initial thought upon entering the rooms was disappointment because I was expecting something on a grander scale but I was comparing my “vision” to the larger meet-ups that I have read about. However gals, the knowledge and the bonding that took place in those rooms would not have happened in a larger setting. The sisterhood in that space was so great!
  • There were various vendors consisting of jewelry, make-up & hair products of course! I truly enjoyed speaking with all the vendors that I had a chance to engage on a one-on-one basis & even those that I only got a chance to “ear hustle” were quite comedic.
  • While I was checking out the vendors I got to meet the owner of Koils by Nature & host Pamela Jenkins who was so busy ensuring the event was running smoothly but always had a smile on her face when encountering attendees of the event.
  • Mama Naturalista, Marisol Correa was the co-host and had GREAT energy! She took pictures with me (which I looked crazy so I won’t be posting those, lol) & also kept everyone smiling throughout the event.
  • My two favorite speakers (that I got a chance to hear) were Queen Shalawn of Lamik Beauty & Jame’sha Bazemore of Imani Joy Naturals. Jame’sha broke it all the way down about how we “shall” look at the labels to know what we are putting in our hair & also explained how we can make many of our hair products on our own. Queen Shalawn had me laughing my entire consultation! She is a free spirit and even though she does specialize in make-up she is very keen on women knowing that beauty starts within. I can’t wait to do features on both of these gals :)

Now let’s get into some pictures (please excuse the dimness of some as I took them on my phone and the lighting wasn’t the best) and some of my purchases:

Vendor Room 

Fashion Love’s Anika & I

Lamik Beauty

Getting my face “beat” by Lamik Beauty’s Queen Shalawn

Purchased some AWESOME concealer!

Cheryl’s Bracelet Bar

There were so many bracelet designs to pick from but I finally picked these two, All her pieces are handmade too! Plus Ms. Cheryl was so gracious & kind.

Jewel Afrika Designs

This company hails from New Jersey & the ladies were HILARIOUS!! They had such a great spirit and fabulous earrings!

Wild Child Dzigns

Gals, I literally bought these earrings straight out of the vendor’s ears! I loved the design & could not leave there without them!

Imani Joy Naturals

After hearing Jame’sha speak during the workshop I just knew that I had to pick up something from her product line; I chose her coconut pomade & hair oil. Look for a review soon on these two products.

Koils by Nature

I’ve heard so much about this product so I had to get my hands on it! I picked up the Nourishing Hair & Body Butter in Marvelous Mango. Look for a review soon on this product.

There were also a couple of businesses there that I would love a chance to try out:

LocXurious Natural Hair Care & Glow’s Beauty (on the left)

The owner of LocXurious (middle) braided up an attendee’s hair right on the spot and it was MARVELOUS! She was moving fast too

Glow Wellness Center

Let me first tell you that the ladies pictured above had flawless skin! I know I will be making an appointment soon to get a facial done :)

There were a couple of things that I believe could have been done to enhance my experience:

  • Swag bags should have been given to all in attendance; I understand those attendees who did advanced ticketing should get something extra but I believe everyone should have left with a “swag bag” especially if you paid the $20 at the door.
  • The refreshment area needed to be in another room since there was only one available entry and exit way into the banquet room where the workshops and vendors were held.

Those were truly my only cons for the entire event! All-in-all gals I truly enjoyed myself & I’m looking forward to next year’s National Natural Hair Meet-up!

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4 responses to “DMV National Natural Hair Meet-up (RECAP)

  1. I am glad you had a ball! If I would have went I would’ve spent all my little money up. Lol I just go into overload and can’t stop when it comes to unique and “worth it ” items.

  2. I thoroughly loved the exposure to other woman who are rocking the natural styles. I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful styles and hearing the ladies talk, especially ME’sha. I was ready to go home and do the BC. No, I didn’t do it yet. But it’s coming really soon :-)

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