Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge – Hair Loss Prevention

Hi Gals! We are now in our fourth week of our Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge and I hope you all are hanging in there :) This week I wanted to speak to you about hair loss prevention as this is a question that comes up in most natural hair conversations. Here are a few pointers to help prevent hair loss:



  • Braiding – If you are braiding or having your hair braided by someone make sure that you are not doing this too tightly especially around those edges! I can only speak for myself but I’ve had my hair braided a couple of times and I left feeling like my thoughts were also being braided up (real talk, lol) not to mention the loss of my edges once I took the braids out.

  • Hair Extensions- If you are a gal that prefers to wear weaves go for sew-ins instead of the glue-in tracks. Reason-being is that glued in tracks have a tendency to take out your hair regardless of what method you use (sometimes this is hair straight from the root & you don’t want that). As we all know sew-ins are more expensive but better for your tresses, in my opinion, because as long as the braids underneath are not too tight and the hair is not sew-in ridiculously tight to the scalp you will be fine. But just like braided extensions you must be careful of your sides!

Scalp Massages - These are great to help stimulate hair growth not to mention the massaging aspect helps circulate the blood in your scalp which in-turn helps with the releasing of your natural hair oils.

Shampooing – Whether you’re a shampoo or co-wash gal it is important to keep your hair clean! If your hair is dirty you will clog your hair follicles which will hinder hair growth.

Excessive Heat – Gals, we must be careful on the amount and level of heat we use on our tresses. Excessive heat will create damaged ends and increased shedding from hair breakage.

So how are you going to prevent hair loss? Let us know below and be on the look out for our first challenge giveaway :)

*All posts relating to the Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge will now be posted on Tuesdays :)*

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8 responses to “Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge – Hair Loss Prevention

  1. I’m going to start giving myself frequent scalp massages as well as getting it done professionally when I get my monthly body massages :-)

  2. I am going add scalp massages in my hair regimen. My hair is a little thin around the edges, maybe due to the fact I color my hair. I have been using castor oil over the last month four times a week to stenghten my edges. Castor oil does help and I was a non beliver.

  3. I have a bald patch about the size of a quarter in my head. Not exactly sure how I got it, but I am using castor oil and doing scalp massages to help it grow back. I also purchased some Hairfinity to see if that will help also,

    • Hi Cocoadiva75! Thank you for commenting and sharing your ways of preventing hair loss. Since you mentioned using castor oil as one preventive measure you should definitely check out kinkycurlycoilyme.com as the editor will be starting a castor oil challenge. I plan on joining this challenge myself and will post information this weekend so that you gals can get in on the fun too.

      I also hope you are joining us for the Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge! If you like to joing, please make sure to respond to all posts underneath the Challenge category and you will be entered in a monthly product drawing specific for those gals doing the challenge.

      I hope to hear from you soon & enjoy your holiday weekend :)

  4. I don’t do heat and don’t plan to anytime soon…I scalp massage as much as possible, and I co-wash/shampoo 2-3 x/week…

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