DMV Naturals on the Loose!!! (PICS)

Hi Gals!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know that I do two segments of pictures called DMV Naturals on the Loose & Who’s That Girl?! Both segments consists of random pictures of different natural gals & gents I encounter on a daily basis while I’m out and about. Check out some of my FABULOUS encounters:

Do you want to see your picture posted? Well send them to me!!!!! Check out my contact information under Let’s┬áStay Connected; I hope to hear from you soon :)

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One response to “DMV Naturals on the Loose!!! (PICS)

  1. Love the pic of the Natural couple! I don’t know whether its me but, I don’t feel that alot of men are attracted to women with Natural hairstyles/look. They seem to gravitate toward the long weaves and women that cake their face with make-up. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with make-up, however less is more!

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