Take Better Care of Your Hair – Month 1 Check-In

Hi Gals!

We are officially one month into our Take Better Care of Your Hair Challenge so pat yourselves on the back for hanging in there! From the beginning of the month until now we have covered the basics of taking better care of our hair and now it’s time for us to reflect on whether or not we are meeting our goals.

So, how you doing (in my Wendy Williams voice)?

NG: There were two goals that I set out for myself that I have actually been true to & they are drinking more water & trimming my own ends. I can say that I’ve truly been downing the water and have since noticed a change in my skin; I don’t need as much concealer¬†for my dark circles! I also have noticed that my hair is not shedding as much either. Gals, learning to trim my own ends will save me some serious moola & since we have a newborn on board we don’t have money to waste :) For my first time I think I did pretty good & I didn’t cut too much hair either which is always a plus. Please share with us how you are doing with your goals & look for an e-mail from me on which two people were chosen for our first challenge giveaway!

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8 responses to “Take Better Care of Your Hair – Month 1 Check-In

  1. Im seeing great progress with my hair growth. I have a quarter sized bald spot that i’ve been working on by increasing my water intake, using vitamins that also contains biotin and using a oil i made that contains castor oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rosemary and peppermint oil. I’ve noticed fine hairs sprouting out of the area and I’m elated. I’ll continue with my same regimen, since it seems to be working :)

  2. My hair goals was to shop shedding and promote growth. Over the past month I have been using castor oil around my edges and nape which was thin. I have noticed my hair is coming in thicker those problem areas. I been trimming my ends more and taking biotin to stop the shedding.

  3. I am still slacking on the water tip, but I have gotten much better. I having been working out almost 5 days a week. In terms of growth, I have been using castor oil almost twice a day. I am still hoping for the best!

  4. I have been using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil and seeing great results. I’m doing great with my water intake and my hair has been growing in thicker than ever before and I am loving it!

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  6. Much thanks to The Natural Gal who has inspired me not to give up on this natural hair transition. I have given myself the goal of no heat for a year . . . .Yes, a year. So this is going to be interesting because I am used to conforming and getting that oh so convenient blow out every once in a while. But I will resist and press on. I have recently been checking out new products and mostly wearing a braid out style either down or pinned up. Ladies please thrown me suggestions for moisture rich products because my hair right at the crown and towards the back of my head is so dry. Best wishes on your healthy hair journeys.

    • Hi Marie!!! I’m so glad that I have inspired you to move forward in your natural hair journey :) A couple of products that I can recommend to you off the back to help aid with moisture would defintely be Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave-in; I’m working on a reviewing now of this leave-in conditioner but I can tell you that it will do wonders on your hair especially since I know your hair type. Also I’ve been really feeling Koils by Nature’s Hair & Body Butters which are also moisture rich. But if you plan on styling your hair in protective styles make sure that you are using water-based products that will penetrate the hair shaft. I hope these help & please let me know if you need more help :)

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