Can We Talk| Do We Really Need Transition Kits?

Lately there seems to be several new kits on the market to help those with relaxed hair transition back to their natural hair. Do you think that this is needed or is this another ploy to make money off of those who are unaware on how to transition?

Check out some kits on the market:

This Curls kit cost $79.99!

This Carols Daughter set is $40.00

If you are a newly transitioning, would you consider using one of these kits? If you are fully natural would you recommend one of these kits to someone? Please give feedback :)

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10 responses to “Can We Talk| Do We Really Need Transition Kits?

  1. I am currently transitioning and I would have to say “no way”. Even though I have had a couple of challenges along the way, I have two natural sistahs, Jamila and Renee, who has helped me out tremendously. God bless you ladies!!!

  2. No I wouldn’t! I think people can make up their own transitioning kits for a fraction of the cost! There’s no guarantee that these products will be effective. I think it’s important to start off with what is affordable in case it doesn’t work. I wouldn’t promote these products to newly naturals at all.

  3. eh, no I wouldn’t get one personally. You buy the kit and one (or most) of the products don’t work for your hair, and then what? smh. $80 wasted.

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