Enter the Darkroom|Glenford Nunez of TYP Photography Needs Our Support!!!

This morning as I checked my e-mail I saw a message from CurlBox founder, Myleik Teele, expressing her collaboration with Glenford Nunez the mastermind photographer behind The Coiffure Project. Their collaboration is in effort to raise $20K for the purchase of a large format printer & other necessary materials Glenford will need to showcase the images of The Coiffure Project at his exhibit on September 15, 2012 in Baltimore, MD.

CurlBox has already stepped up to the plate to assist in helping to raise money: “If you donate any amount to “The Coiffure Project” and forward us the email (support@curlbox.com) with your confirmation, you will immediately be entered for a photo shoot with photographer Glenford Nunez to be on the COVER of the curlBOX magazine!” Do you want to be the next cover for CurlBox?

If you have yet to experience The Coiffure Project you should really check it out here. I have not seen ANYTHING like this!! It is quite refreshing to be able to look at a collage of photos & see someone who looks like ME! This is the reason why I’m so behind this project not to mention he’s from Baltimore :)

Here are the ways that you can support:

Let’s step up & support Glenford as he pursues his dreams while sharing OUR beautiful images with the world!

Please share this with your friends :)


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