Weekly Hair Agenda| What’s On Yours?

Hi Gals!

The weekend has come to an end & it’s time to get with that hair! I want to know how you are styling your BEAUTIFUL hair so please share with us!


I’m doing a deep conditioning treatment today and a product review on a leave-in that I’ve been using for about 3 weeks! I will most likely do some twists & I may try my hand at a twist – pin curl look :)

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2 responses to “Weekly Hair Agenda| What’s On Yours?

  1. Im back on some fresh coils. I’m hooked on em! Used R&B, my new staple Eco (morocon oil) styling gel and olive oil/ water mix in my spray bottle. Breezed through watching the boob toob (TV).

    I can honestly say that im not dreading Sun wash day! I got a really good chop (trim:) and found styles/tips that I can’t wait to try!

    Thanks J! Loven u like a fat baby loves
    CaKe! 💋

  2. Washing/Conditioning w/ Organix Morroccan Argan Oil shampoo and Coditioner and using the Penetrating oil and defining creme to define the curls rocking the blonde mohawk, its now growing back which I’m loving. So now I can start training my curls for the winter time.

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