Product Review| curlBOX July 2012

This past week I received my first curlBOX & I wanted to share the contents with you!! So let’s get right to it……


I received confirmation on Monday, July 9, 2012 that my curlBOX had shipped & I received it on my doorstep on Tuesday, July 10, 2012! Talk about speedy service :) I could not wait to open up the curlBOX to see what everyone had been talking about & to find out if I would continue to subscribe to this service. This month was called Christmas in July so lets see if santa was good to me. Also there was a chance to win a Huetiful Steamer for three people but I was not a lucky winner :( Check out the goods:

WOW! There were several items inside of this small box; from first glance I knew I had gotten my $20 worth.

There were two full size Motions products; one moisturizing cleanser & one smoothing conditioner:

When I first opened the box & saw the Motions products I was a little like “eh” however I decided to keep an open-mind. I was never a fan of Motions when I was relaxed however I will at least try out the Smoothing Conditioner since I do not use shampoo.

Then I received three samples: Jane Carter Condition & Sculpt, Luster’s Pink Moisturizer Hair Lotion & Shea Radiance Nourishing Hair Repair Cream.

I know for sure I will use the Jane Carter & Shea Radiance but I will be passing on the Pink Lotion. That product always made my hair feel weird.

There were two pamphlets inside:

I absolutely LOVE that there were reading materials included which were informative yet interesting at the same time. Not to mention I have a serious hair crush on Mae A.K.A. Natural Chica! I was not familiar with celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen before but I definitely will stay tuned.

But goodies didn’t end there either! We got coupons from Sage Naturalceuticals, Ily & Jane Carter who also included a nice pamphlet explaining her products.

So that is my review of the July curlBOX! I won’t go as far as to say that it is Christmas in July however I can say that I am pleased with the contents of my box & I hope that next month’s box is even better!


Now that you’ve seen this month’s curlBOX are you interested in signing up for this service?

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