Product Review| Pura Body Naturals

Have you heard of Pura Body Naturals yet? Well I have known about this product line for some time now & I just recently got my hands on a couple of their top sellers during their July 4th sale. Want to see how this product line fared in my hair? Keep reading to find out more…


Products & Prices: Sapote Hair Lotion ($4.99), Murumuru Moisture Milk ($4.99) & Cupuacu Hair Butter ($4.99); I purchased these for a discounted price during their 4th of July sale.

Purpose: Sapote restores the health of natural or chemically relaxed hair while improving manageability leaving your hair soft and luxurious. Murumuru Moisture Milk is a lightweight water based moisturizer which can be used as a daily moisturizer for those in need of  moisture and sheen. Cupuacu Hair Butter is well-known for its high fatty acid content which benefits dry, damaged hair while protecting moisture and leaving hair soft and silky.

Application Method: Sapote Hair Lotion can be used as a daily conditioner for those seeking soft manageable hair both kids and adults.  Sapote Hair Lotion can be used as a skin lotion as well for soft supple skin.  Murumuru Moisture Milk acts as an excellent emollient properties along with its natural gloss brings a desirable shine to dry, damaged hair.  It’s specifically useful for people of all ethnicities with kinky, curly, or wavy hair because of its emollient abilities to increase manageability.  This product can be applied to chemically processed hair as well to increase moisture content and sheen. Apply to hair in sections for even coverage and to avoid using too much on hair. More can be applied based on user preference. Cupuacu Hair Butter can be applied to wet or dry hair for twisting or daily conditioning.  For moisture protection apply to wet hair after conditioning to seal in moisture.

How I used the products: I applied the Cupuacu Hair Butter & Sapote Hair Lotion to freshly washed, section hair. I then tried my hand at flat-twists again; practice makes perfect so I just keep doing them until I get it right!

I really didn’t need to use a lot of the Cupuacu Hair Butter or the Sapote Hair Lotion:

I left the flat-twists in for two days and then took them out:

My hair was sooo soft & fluffy which I really liked but don’t normally get when I twist my hair wet. Check out the final results:

I was truly feeling this look! Throughout the rest of the week I used the Murumuru Moisture Milk to retwist at night. These are the remaining looks:

I got so many compliments on my puff & twisted bangs look :)


Overall, I really like this product & will definitely be adding the Murumuru Moisture Milk to my arsenal of goodies :)

Have you tried any products by Pura Body Naturals? If so, what were they? If you haven’t check them out here; plus they are having a GREAT sale for the anniversary!

I hope you all enjoyed the review & check back soon for the next one. Talk to you soon <3

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