All Up In My Sista’s Business| Jamesha Bazemore of Imani Joy Naturals

So we are back and ready to get all up in a sista”s business today! Are you ready to nosey? Well check out Jamesha Bazemore Owner & Founder of Imani Joy Naturals!


I knew from the moment I saw your workshop at the National Natural Hair Meet-up event that I had to have you on the site! For those who did not get a chance to experience you at the meet-up please share a little about yourself.

Hi beautiful – My name is Jamesha Bazemore.  I am a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps with a background in civil engineering and telecommunications design. I have four beautiful natural daughters ages 17, 14 and 5 (identical twins).  I have been with my very supportive and handsome husband for over 16 years.

I received my certification in natural hair care from Madam Walker’s Braidery and School in Temple Hills, MD in 2006. I own my own home-based salon with all the amenities of a storefront salon called Imani Joy Naturals.  My nut free product line also bears the same name.

I also offer Professional Development classes in product making and hair styling for licensed cosmetologists and for those looking to become natural stylists.

Wow gal your bio alone is enough to get lost in! You have so many facets to your brand please discuss how Imani –Joy Naturals came into existence.

Imani Joy Naturals products were created out of necessity.  My twins and I have allergies that can cause serious skin irritation.  They are allergic to nuts and I am allergic to herbs in the ragweed family.  It was hard to find products that I could use that were great for our hair and addressed our allergies.

I decided to open my home to my natural clients to give them the one on one attention and privacy that many of them desired.  I make it a point to not over book and to also tailor my styling sessions with my clients to their specific needs.

 At the beginning of your workshop at the National Natural Hair Meet-up you began to question the audience about what ingredients were in their products as well as what ingredients are “kid friendly” which left a lasting impression with me. What made you start making your own hair products? Why is it so important for people to read the labels of the products they purchase?

It is VERY important that everyone READ the labels of everything they place on their bodies as well as what they ingest.  You have to be a conscience consumer to protect yourself and your family from potential harm that can happen to them by not being aware of what it is you are giving to them.  Being a conscience and educated consumer can also save you money and time.

Congratulations on your new E-book, Natural Hair Recipe Guide for Kinky-Curly Hair! Tell us what to expect from the book & how to get a copy of it.

Thank You.  My resource guide is packed with information that can help someone build their own library of hair care recipes.  It offers basic information for those that are just starting out and for those that want to expand their knowledge.  I took information that I learned in other books and in the classroom and placed it in my e-guide.

I also created a product-making calculator that the novice and seasoned product makers can use to help create products in small amounts and in bulk without losing the integrity of their products.  This is done by measuring in percentages instead of cups, ounces, teaspoons, etc.  The calculator also helps in figuring the wholesale and retail price of your products.

You can purchase a copy by going to my website, and clicking on the link to my web store.  Stay tuned for more e-guides in the future.

Since you are a certified Natural Hair Consultant as well as a Stylist what are some key pointers you can pass along to those considering going natural or those that are already natural?

Communicate with your stylist.  Don’t just allow them to place any products on your hair and skin without them first telling you what it is and what it contains.

Protective styles can help you retain your length.  Many people think that their hair does not grow as fast as it did when it was relaxed.  That is a misconception.  Hair grows at a rate of ¼ to ½ inch per month natural or relaxed.  It could be that your hair is breaking as fast as it grows because it is not being properly hydrated or it could be your diet.

I would like to thank you for allowing me to get “all in your business” but before we end, how can we stay connected with you? What future plans are on the horizon for Imani-Joy Naturals?

You can stay connected with me by visiting  I will also be creating a new Facebook page committed to product making.  More details to follow on my website. Stay tuned for product making classes in Southern Maryland. Thank you for this opportunity.


Did you enjoy this segment of “All Up In My Sista’s Business?” I hope so! If you know of a sista that is doing her thing in the business world please share with me at:! Have a great weekend :)

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