Product Review| August curlBOX!!!

So I got my August curlBOX & let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. This box right here is the type of box that I want to open at the end of a work day!

If you are not subscribed to this service you are truly missing out because this month the full size products totaled slightly right over $30! Don’t believe me? Well check it out!

So when I initially opened this box I was very delighted to see the Carol’s Daughter marker on the curlBOX. But wait! Is this a full-size Cantu Shea Butter product? Now for those who are familiar with the site already know my views on the Cantu (check it out here) but I knew there was more in store.

I was ELATED when I saw this FULL size Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Pudding :) I’m familiar with this product very much so especially since I’m hosting one of her 100 Billion Curl Meet-ups (deets here) and was sent the Hair Milk Starter Kit. This right here is the hair biz….#seriously! Oh & by the way this is priced at $22 so this alone covers the $20 you spend (no tax) for the curlBOX service. Are you still questioning signing up? Well let me show you more…

Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream. Hmmmm as previously stated & reviewed I don’t think I really need to say anymore. However I will give this product another go; I’ve learned not to cancel all things out from July’s curlBOX contents. Thanks Myleik :) This retails for roughly $7.99. Now let’s add that to the $22 for the Carol’s Daughter product. Plus it’s another FULL size item. Gotta love that!

But that’s not the end of products….look at the samples provided this month!

I received three samples by SOFN’FREE which included the following: Cleansing Conditioner, Curly Pudding & Curl Sealer. Inside the curlBOX pamphlet (you’ll see it next) it stated that samples included were from Koils by Nature but I’m guessing they ran out and used these. I’m fine with that since I already use Koils by Nature so it was nice to get this :)

The other samples were Twisted Sista’s Curl Activator & Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Organi-Gro Deep Conditioner. I’ve never used either one of these products so I’m excited to get a chance to try this. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that the Palmer’s is another FULL size product?

Included within every curlBOX there are always coupons & the curlBOX mini magazine which I always enjoy. I enjoy reading the magazine because it gives you some insight about the Founder, Myleik Teele as well as brief information about the brands inside the month’s box. The coupons are always great because they are exclusive to the curlBOX crew!!

So there you have it gals, this is what was inside the August curlBOX! Are there any products you’re interested in trying? If you are interested in signing-up check out their website here.

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One response to “Product Review| August curlBOX!!!

  1. Unfortunately, subscriptions are currently sold out. I would have loved to receive the August CurlBox. I guess I will have to live vicariously through you :-) Thank you for keeping me in the loop!

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