The Natural Gals at Ulah!!!!

So some of the lovely ladies of The Diary of a Natural Gal met up last weekend. We discussed a lot of wonderful and amazing things that are coming your way really soon so be on the lookout.

This was my first time at Ulah Bistro which is located at 1214 U Street, NW., Washington D.C. & the whole experience from start to finish was awesome!

I’m going to start by saying the hostess was amazing. I needed an outlet to set up my computer; she was very accommodating by finding a seat for the 4 of us to sit, equipped with an outlet. So me being me, as always, something had to go wrong. I couldn’t access the internet, so everyone from the manager to the servers helped me try to gain access. It was my computer (I’m not going to talk about her, because I’m typing my review on her right now) But I made do with what I had and used my iPhone.

Enough boring stuff. I know y’all want to know about the food and the drinks. Let me say everything was incredible. I ordered the flash fried calamari for an appetizer and it was amazing. I ordered the Bistro Burger for my entrée. I had a peartini, which was delicious, but the strawberry Caipirinha, was everything you could ask for and more. I know what I will be ordering from Ulah when I go back and, yes I am going back!

But before I go I really need to talk about our wonderful server Olga :) OMG!!! She was MARVELOUS! I’ve had great service at other places but she went above and beyond the call of duty for our group. Olga was very helpful giving us suggestions about different menu items and our cocktail selections. We wanted a group photo and Olga volunteered to be our photographer. I wonder if she is a photographer in her spare time, because I swore it seemed like we were doing a photo shoot. She made sure that we had the best lighting, and made sure everyone was in the picture. If she didn’t like it, she told us, and she proceeded to take another one. We took pictures for a good 5 minutes. LOL!!

I’ve already said I will be back; the food, the drinks, the atmosphere just whole experience was terrific. I would love to hear about your experience at your favorite restaurant. Until next time ladies….

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