Enter Karizma’s Kloset| My Personal Style

Everyone that knows me or has at least seen me knows that I eat sleep and breathe FASHION. I wake up, eat and think, “What am I going to wear today?”  It is what the Neo-expressionist classification is to Basquiat, Mama’s Gun is to Erykah Badu, and Brooklyn is to Spike Lee.  It is my identity.  What I choose to wear is my art, me simply expressing myself.   As a child, I remember watching and admiring an afro-bohemian dressed Lisa Bonet on The Cosby Show and thinking to myself “I want to be different.”  And now, even as an adult, I will see a pic of Lisa Bonet and love that she stayed true to her identity.  Not waived by age or what the world thinks she should look like.

Every time I get dressed I try to incorporate something vintage into my outfit. It reminds me that fashion is immortal and ever revolving.  It adds irony that “I would have never thought to wear that.” Cliché, but true statement.  Me being an individual first and artist second, I never rely on trends or Vogue Magazine to tell me what I should be wearing right now or Rhianna‘s (no shade) latest hairstyle. I’m inspired by art, music, culture and the truth.  I use fabrics and prints of Africa to tell my story.  Old Prince rock t-shirts to say “I don’t give a damn” and my grandma’s vintage Gucci bag for class and my constant reminder of family and love. I buy pieces that I can rock today, store for 20 years, dust it off and put it back on.  Timeless, ageless style is the key. I can almost always be seen in my Levis denim vest, rings on each hand and some kind of printed bottom.  And 25 years from now, I will probably still be rocking that same vest. LOL I hope it fits!

Let your style be your identity, your own personal art form.


Do you want to showcase your love for fashion? Send an e-mail to kisha@naturalgalsdiary.com to make it happen!

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