Feature Fridays| Chimére from Face2Face Beauty & Design

How crazy is it that I met Miss Chimére on the train, on my way to work (SUPER) late and we hit it off from the moment I saw that fierce cut she has going on! Once she told me about her business I knew I had to have her share her skills in the diary. So check out this evening edition of Feature Fridays….


You are the owner of Face2Face Beauty & Design please share with us why you started your business & what do you enjoy the most about being a make-up artist?

In 2006, I was unemployed and really didn’t have a reason to wear makeup during the week (as I had when I worked every day) but on Sundays, I would kick myself into gear by beating my face down to the ground before church.  A good friend of mine, Tileshia Griffiths, begin telling me after each service that I should think about pursuing a career in makeup artistry by either working at MAC or freelancing on my own.  I did my own makeup for fun and to add confidence at that time.  I graciously thanked her but shook off that idea until I invited my former hairstylist over to play in makeup.  The results turned out better than I had hoped (mostly to quiet Tileshia and kill my curiosity).  From there, I began putting makeup on anyone who would let me and the rest is history.  I am amazed at how many people were supportive from the very beginning and always believed I had the capacity to be successful in this line of work, even when I didn’t.

I enjoy the people I meet.  I have met some tremendous people from all walks of life by just doing what I truly enjoy: models, singers, single moms who want makeovers, business executives, and enthusiasts.  I’m also proud to introduce different perspectives to people who, by meeting me, are ready to debunk myths about makeup and perceptions of beauty.  Makeup is similar to asking questions: there are no wrong approaches and the lessons are constantly changing.  I get to pair two of my favorite loves, talking and makeup, to foster people’s confidence while showing them a few methods to enhance beauty.

I’m a firm believer that make-up is used to enhance our features not cover them! When we chatted you spoke about the need for women to first find the beauty within themselves before applying a lick of make-up. How do you express this to your clients?

Yes!  I agree.  Face2Face Beauty & Design’s mantra is, “Making you up to showcase your best!”  And I firmly stand behind this.  It is my responsibility to merely enhance what a client already possesses. And even before my brushes or products grace any area of a client’s face, I verbally highlight and compliment a facial feature that immediately strikes me, right down to a beauty mark.  Once people are reminded of their best assets, they are willing to accentuate that asset.  Full lips, high cheekbones, and more are all celebrated.  A woman’s best doesn’t just stop with her physical beauty; my makeup application showcases all those bests.

Since we are going into a new season & New York Fashion Week is in full effect, what are some make-up trends you are looking forward to wearing?

In March, I attended MAC’s Beauty Training for Summer and Fall trends and I am still so surprised at how much trends influence the creation and marketing of beauty products.  I try to inflect some trends into my applications but I don’t allow them to totally dictate the needs and desires of my clients.  Amazingly, some of my favorite Fall makeup trends won’t really cause women to break the bank buying new products.  I’m looking forward to seeing natural, fresh sculpted faces.  I love a full face of makeup so it’ll be an interesting challenge for me to pare down eye and cheek products to play up my high cheekbones and lips.  Also, I’m loving wine/deep berry lips.  People can’t help but be captivated by sensual-colored mouths. 

What’s in your make-up bag right now?

Which makeup bag?  I have way too many!  The bag that I take to work every day usually has my staples: MAC Lip Pencils in Cork, Chestnut, and Cherry, a pair of Tweezers, just in case I see a stray brow (I’m obsessed), a colorless face powder to combat oil because at about 1pm I usually look like the perfect place for an egg to fry, and a multipurpose powder brush that can apply blush and any facial powder or bronzer.   Oh, and I can’t go anywhere without a nude pink or beige gloss.

Now you know I have to ask about your fierce cut! How long have you been rocking this haute look?

I cut my hair in college back in 2000 and grew it out a year later because I became exasperated with the natural hair process   But in October 2010, I kept seeing myself with a close haircut.  And I’m obsessive about my hair, makeup, and reading so I walked into my local barbershop, shook the barber’s hand while telling him what I wanted, and sat down while he did all the hard work.  Not a day goes by that someone, especially men, doesn’t compliment me.  It’s a little more carefree but I’m astute about my shape-ups and the length.  I know what works for me.  I am so glad that there are so many natural hair options and that The Diary of a Natural Gal highlights some of the best.

I’m so happy to announce that you will be the new Beauty Editor for The Diary of a Natural Gal! I’m so happy to bring you on board :) Please tell our readers what they can expect from your column.

I’m so honored to be a part of this brand.  I was hoping to be able to combine my makeup artistry and writing in some capacity and this is the perfect opportunity.  Readers can expect me to bring my own zany brand of fun and expertise to each column.  And for me to tell the truth: square brows are just wrong!  I’m not professing to know everything but I do have a willingness to share what I do and learn from the readers, too.  I will mostly be talking about makeup and application because even women who swear off makeup want to know something about makeup.  This new partnership represents a give and take that will perhaps inspire beauty to be redefined and myths to be challenged.


So there you have it! Miss Chimére will be bringing all the beauty to the diary! If you would like to send her some of your photos for her to share on the diary or would like some beauty advice please send her an e-mail: chimere@naturalgalsdiary.com! Have a great evening♥♥♥♥

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