Mane Taming That Hair| How To Deal With Hard Water

One of our readers has just recently moved to Germany and is experiencing hard water issues which is not good for your hair at ALL! Here are some ways that you can combat hard water:

  • Purchase a water filter for your shower
  • Use a clarifying shampoo or
  • Wash & rinse your hair using distilled water

I really think that I’m going to try & wash my hair with distilled water to see if I see a difference. Have you tried any of these tips before?

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One response to “Mane Taming That Hair| How To Deal With Hard Water

  1. okay, so i bought a water softener…actually i bought 2 just because i was concerned the first one wouldn’t work here in Germany. the shower head is different here. instead of the shower head being up top the connection comes from the bottom?? i’ll take pics and attach later for all my visual sistas….i mean i really want you to know what i’m dealing with here. i purchased:

    Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead : $$$$67.99

    Sprite Royale Deluxe Hand Held Chrome Chlorine Removing Shower Filter

    And once again cheaper won for me! The Sprite Royale…I can feel the difference instantly on my suffering eczama/ashy as H-E-double hocky sticks skin!

    Of course I used bottled water till my purchases arrived (Amizon is the bomb for overseas shipment and it’s always free!) and the bottled water was great for getting rid of the “bugs” that were biting my head, I even brushed my teath and washed my face wtih it for a good minute. Bottled water was my saving grace! But a pain in the …..

    I reccomend the Sprite for the hard water sufferers all over, but if you can swing it get a whole house water softener. I gotta get a place first but that’s next on the adgenda;)


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