Karizma’s Kloset Presents Style Files: Cherub ‘Chop” Stewart

I remember the first time I saw Cherub “Chop” Stewart. I immediately recognized her style. Street vintage was the first thought that came to mind. She was the perfect eclectic blend of an “I ♥ Hip-Hop” t-shirt and your granny’s pearls. Since I know Chop personally I decided to interview this natural gal and rising hip-hop artist on fashion, style & music.

Hey Chop, introduce yourself…

Haaay, Chop here, a southern lady, teacher, emcee and my momma’s daughter.

Your style is very personal, who or what inspires your look?

Hummm, well I would first say colors, colors, colors.  I visualize what I want to wear based on the day, and then proceed to hunt my closet for the appropriate gear.  Now, who, who inspires my look well I would have to say my Moms, she instilled in me from a young age that the way you present yourself is of importance. My grandma reinforced my look by constantly and I mean constantly listing off what a lady does and what a lady does not. So some days I rock one of my grandma’s skirts with a vintage vest & Wu-tang button.

What are your fashion or wardrobe must haves?

Some sort of wooden platform, high top converses, a chunky belt, a vintage dress, pair of darling earrings, polyester blouse & holey jeans. Clearly there is more but since I had to address “must” haves I narrowed it down.

Do you have a favorite designer & or anyone else’s personal style you admire?

Nope, I do not have a favorite designer but I love a good vintage store and personal styles I adore, well to list a few…Nina Simone, Lisa Bonet circa Cosby Show era, and the Olsen Twins all have great personal style.

I got to see you live & you are a very talented hip-hop artist! Tell me when & where did you fall in love with music.

As an 80′s baby, trailing behind my parents at the Jacksonville Jazz festival, and my love for music grew in the days when I would spy on my brother listening to De La Soul tapes.

What are your dreams for your career?

In the words of Bruce Lee: “To honestly express myself.”

How do you tie your style in with your music? Are they a reflection of each other?

My music comes from a place of freedom rooted in history, it represents how I feel and what I see in the world; my style has the same origin. Artistic expression both vocal and visual is the place where my style and music link.  

Your picture was recently featured on The Diary of a Natural Gal’s Facebook Fan page; that side puff was serious business. Tell us about your natural hair journey.

A young Black girl who just wanted to be real, realized my permed hair at the age of 16 wasn’t a reality, so I grew/cut out the chemicals and started combing in some minerals.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

Be here now, be yourself, and be encouraged.

To find out more about Chop check her out on Facebook here or at Sonic Bids here.


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