Late Night Thoughts….

So I have a bit of a problem… Or at least I may have mentally created one. A huge problem!

Confession! I have not had an orgasm for two years through sexual penetration… That’s right, two f$%@ing years! But the real issue is that I have them in my sleep. So I did a little research and apparently this is quite common, especially amongst females.

The issue is that I’m sexually satisfied in my “wet dreams” but when it comes to the “nasty,” I am so determined to orgasm and then I can’t! Can you imagine having sex¬†at least twice a week for the last two years and never having a big ending? There was a time when I didn’t even need to have sex to have an orgasm. For all I knew I could orgasm on cue! I used to laugh at people who said that they’d never had an orgasm, and here I am in the same damn boat.

I finally had told my boyfriend of 11 years my issue, and then it got even worse. Every time we’d have sex, he was constantly staring at me to see if I had done it (it’s all in the facial expression… poker face, whole time). It’s a lot of pressure on me and my partner! Even though it feels great, your partner feels like they’ve failed you. I don’t know what to do anymore! Anyone know of any sex therapist in the DMV, let me know! Until then, I’ll be hopeless orgasmic.

One response to “Late Night Thoughts….

  1. wow!! i cant imagine going through that. id probably go crazy after 2 yrs! hell, let me go a week w/o one and im about to go crazy. thank goodness i can have one without having to do anything. if i hold my urine too long i have them lol! has anything major changed in the last 2 yrs? maybe ur in love but bored with your sex life.

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