Writers Block: GeGe

My name is Nkenge Jones….for convenience I go by GeGe. I was born and raised in Washington, DC but reside in Montgomery County. Music is life and my mood is usually the DJ. I write poetry from time to time but usually when my soul needs a release. I love art and local artists, I need to try to get out to more events. Jay Z is my favorite rapper, Jill Scott is my big sister (in my head), my daddy is the greatest man (I’m biased) and if I could wear flip-flops every day I would. I currently work for Montgomery County Government in the Department of Health and Human Services.

I started my natural hair journey February 27, 2011. My transition period lasted 7-8 months then I big chopped April 15, 2011. The feel of relaxed hair and new growth was too much for my life so I let it go and Ms Ma’am was born. Ms. Ma’am is what I named my hair (that’s my baby). She can sometimes be a handful but I’m enjoying learning her; so far I know she’s all about that raw shea butter life. I can’t say I have a staple product (well outside of shea butter) but my staple style is a puff. I LOVE PUFFS!!!!! I know of naturals who have had negative feedback about their hair; I guess I’m pretty fortunate because either no one has said anything negatively directly toward me or I don’t care enough to listen.


Please stay tuned to more from GeGe as she is one of our new contributors! If you would like to have your piece showcased here within Writers Block then please e-mail me (jamila@naturalgalsdiary.com) so we can discuss! I hope to hear from you soon♥♥

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