And The Winner Is…

Written By: GeGe

#NP ~ Roc Boys~ Jay-Z

Hellloooooo ladies!!! With this being my first piece, I decided to do a product review. Let me start by giving you some background on Ms. Ma’am (my hair) so y’all can feel where I’m coming from. Ms. Ma’am is thick and kinky (tighter kinks on the side, looser at the front and back). It’s been hard to keep her moisturized. She usually responds well to raw shea butter but sometimes she doesn’t feel that either. Ms. Ma’am and I ARE NOT about that dry hair life; so I had been trying out different conditioners, oils and moisturizers. I ran into a lot of products that felt like they just sat on top of my hair, not really penetrating it; don’t like that!!!  Also tried products that were ok for moisture but left my fingers feeling “gooky” (gooky is a gross layer of nastiness that makes your face turn up and immediately run to the nearest sink); definitely don’t like that.

I had been hearing a bit about Qhemet Biologics line, particularly the Alma and Olive Heavy Cream. I did my YouTube product review research and ordered the cream from Sage Naturalceuticals on a Friday. The following Tuesday I was picking up my little box from the post office (love the turnaround time). NOW…I have a tendency to get super excited over the slightest things so I didn’t wait until I got home to open the jar. It had the consistency of a really heavy cream (duh me) and smelled citrusy but not enough to make me feel like I’d walk around smelling like a fruit basket; yea so…I left work!!!!

So I’m sitting on my bed with my spray bottle (water, oil, and leave in), a wide toothed comb and this 8 oz jar of new best friend awesomeness. I’m sectioning my hair, applying the cream (which I didn’t need a lot of) and as I’m braiding I realize I’m giggling. This isn’t a something is funny giggle. This is a let me tell you how good God is for this blessing of a product giggle. My hair felt amazing BUT the real test would be in the morning. I swear on a box of fresh out the oven Krispy Kreme glazed donuts; I woke up the next morning, took my hair down and did the running man in my bathroom. My hair was soft, moisturized and my fingers didn’t feel gooky. BEYOND HAPPINESS!!!!!

I sit here, two days after the initial application with STILL moisturized hair. I have done absolutely nothing to my hair except for braid it at night and take out in the morning.  Chile…Ms. Ma’am has been chillin in a fro, sitting on high, getting her cute on. This entry is longer than expected (ooop, my bad) so I’ll end with this; I’m happy, Ms. Ma’am is happy, birds chirp in the morning because of this product and I’m gonna continue to use this as my moisturizer from now until forever…“me and you must neva part”!!!!

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