Moderne Meid Mouths Off| Topless Duchess: Should Kate Have Been More Careful?

This past week, photographs of a topless Kate Middleton holidaying with Prince William in France emerged on the front page of the French edition of ‘Closer’ magazine. As expected, many people were outraged, including the royal couple themselves.

The cover of the French edition of Closer magazine

This embarrassment came after Prince Harry’s nude shots were published (against the wishes of the Royal Family) by The Sun newspaper just a few weeks ago. Prince Harry was promptly sent to Afghanistan for duty (I suspect it was to clean up his image).

While Duchess and Duke of Cambridge did express their anger and upset at the published photographs, they put up a brave and happy face while on their tour of South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.

The Duchess and Duke visiting a Commonwealth war cemetery in Singapore.

The publisher of ‘Closer’ magazine attempted to justify their actions. It’s ironic that they published these photographs to begin with since France has some of the strictest privacy laws in Europe. I suppose a small fine and a discontinuation of a particular issue is worth it.

To make matters worse for the Royal Couple, the Irish newspaper ‘The Irish Daily Star‘ have also published the photographs. The British co-owner of the Irish Daily Star, has condemned the newspapers’ decision to publish the photographs. Italian magazine, ‘Chi’, has also decided to print a special edition featuring the photographs this week.

St James’ Palace have confirmed that the Royal Couple will take legal action against the publishers of ‘Closer’ magazine to prevent further use of the images and also for compensation. There are no immediate plans to pursue action against the Irish newspaper and the Italian magazine, but there is a possibility of that in the future. Unsurprisingly, the British press have refused to print the photographs.

As expected, many people have condemned the actions of the paparazzi’s, newspaper and magazine. Many people went as far as comparing this to what Diana, the Princess of Wales, had to endure. Her life ended abruptly in a Paris tunnel after a high-speed chase with the French paparazzi.

I found this comparison quite a stretch since the Duchess was actually sun-bathing on private property and not chased by the paparazzi. The ruthlessness of the paparazzi cannot be denied though; taking a picture of the Royals on private property using a super telephoto lens from a road shows just how ruthless they can be.

However, it’s not like the Duchess of Cambridge did not know what type of life she would get herself into by getting married to Prince William: A life of glitz and glam, beautiful designer clothing and continuous shaking of hands of fellow royals and regular people like you and me.

Kate Middleton has never had a strong work-ethic (according to the British media). Now she’s the Duchess of Cambridge, she will never have to work. As Queen Consort, she’ll have servants at her beck and call and will eat the best food, receive the best medical treatment and live a life of security and safety. I can hardly sympathise with her on the photographs matter.

It’s very sad that what was supposed to be a private moment for the Royal Couple, became very public and was in some way scandalized. They’re a married couple, this is not scandalous (or even newsworthy).

The paparazzi culture is here to stay. People will always be interested in finding out what others are doing. The Royal Couple should remain vigilant and ensure that all measures are taken to ensure their privacy. Perhaps keep their clothes on while sunbathing next time?

Who do you think is at fault, the paparazzi, the newspapers/magazines or Kate? 

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