The Long & Short of Your Natural Hair Journey

When you started to go natural was your ultimate goal to have long tresses or healthy hair?

I know when I first started my natural hair journey I was so envious of women that I watched for inspiration on various YouTube channels & blogs hair length! I just knew that my hair was going to look like CurlyNikki, Taren916 & Afrobella…I mean NOBODY could have told me anything different.

As the years passed and my hair grew I began to ask myself the same question over & over: “Is this all there is?” Not to discredit my gals with lengthy tresses or to unmotivate my divas with TWA that dream of length but I want to talk about our connection to the length of our hair opposed to the health of our hair.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was holding on to every strand on my head up until last year when I became pregnant with my first child. I had just found out that I was pregnant & wanted to change-up my look while going through this great experience. What better way to do that then cut my hair? When the final cut was complete I looked in the mirror in shock; not sure if I had made the right decision or was I just caught up in those crazy pregnancy emotions. Nonetheless, I had to put on my “big girl panties” & head back to work since I got my hair cut on my lunch break. It was time to face the music.

When I walked back into my building I was confronted with the “Oh my God, you cut your hair!” & the “Why would you cut all the hair?” comments. I was seriously second-guessing my decision. I didn’t take into account that my hair was looking the healthiest it ever had since I let go of all the dead ends, the brassy color & the end of the connection that my hair equalled my beauty. I was now on a quest for healthy, beautiful hair!

Throughout the last year I continued to cut my hair until recently. I finally got over the fact that I needed to have long, flowing tresses to be considered beautiful or even a thorough naturalista for the matter. I noticed that once I cut my hair I received more questions on maintenance & how to care for natural hair then ever before! I also noticed that I have taken better care of my locs & really listened to what my hair needs.

How has your decision to transition to your natural hair changed your connection with the length or just the choice of no longer getting relaxers? Or are you considering transitioning but are worried about length retention, family backlash, etc? Please share with us!

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