The Blame Game Is Not Applicable Here!!!

Loving yourself has nothing to do with anyone else. Self-esteem is SELF-esteem as comedian Kat Williams once said. It’s so true but it’s easy to blame others for our issues. We all have some issue of some sort; that’s just life and the way it is sometimes. Can the people around us affect how we feel about ourselves?  Absolutely! They can but ultimately we have the power within to love ourselves, regardless. It is easy and at times valid to blame someone for our lack of self-love which should come from within. Some may have issues with their family members,  so-called friends, mates, co-workers, or a perfect stranger that birthed that loveless feeling. That could truly be the root of the issue but it must come a time in everyone’s life that we are held responsible for our happiness. You can’t achieve a certain level of happiness or joy until you fall madly in love with yourself – flaws and all!

Yes, there may be things about each and every one of us that someone doesn’t like and so what?!?! We are all fallible and imperfect. We make mistakes every single day and so what again! We are all divinely made and our personalities may not be a one size fits all personality (*blank stare*). Oh well!! We will never have the love from everyone’s path we cross, but we can have the love from within. Who is the one person you take everywhere with you? The answer is YOU. You take you everywhere you go and you cannot escape you therefore you must learn to love YOU. You can never leave yourself so learn to love yourself in spite of everything. We aren’t perfect in any form, but we are unique and beautiful! We have to stop playing the blame game at some point and take responsibility for what we feel about ourselves. We have to stop allowing others to define us and limit us and our potential. You are as great as you KNOW you are and if you love yourself no one can tell you any differently. Can I get an AMEN? It’s okay to have a seat for one sometimes; learn to love your own company! Laugh at your own jokes, encourage and motivate yourself. Be your own cheerleader sometimes, it’s quite alright! I give you permission to love all over you!!

Look in the mirror every and find at least one thing that you love about YOU! The more you learn who you are, the more you will fall deeply in love with YOU!

You are a “STARR” so don’t let anyone dim your shine!!

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