Face 2 Face with Chimere| The Banged Up Bag Report

Aha!  I found it while scrounging through my ‘work’ bag – the oft beaten-up yet sturdy garment bag that travels with me each week day as I work hard making the doughnuts.  And as soon as I spotted it, I’d almost wished I hadn’t.  (Note, I said, “almost”).  It was dirty, covered in abandoned paper, and in need of some major love and care.  No, it wasn’t an item that needed to make its way to the nearest trash.  It was my esteemed makeup bag and I had committed a dangerous crime of abandonment against the very tool that saves my life, day after day.

If you’re like me, your makeup bag goes everywhere you do: to the grocery stores on Saturday mornings and it’s sitting there with you, while you may be praising the Lord on Sunday afternoons.  It’s loyal, dependable, and readily available.  It withstands the test of time and has everything you need to feel and be your best self.  And perhaps, that’s the problem.

After locating my makeup bag, I begin searching through its contents for my favorite tube of gloss to retouch my nude lips, and what stared back at me was downright frightening.  Inside the bag that I had once been proud to place some of my favorite makeup staples, there were old pieces of barely wrapped gum, two pens with more lipstick on them any regular tube I own, mangled movie tickets, and one flash drive.  Luckily, I was alone when I made this discovery.  Instantly, I became disappointed. How could I, the lover of makeup, connoisseur of all things glossy and colorful, have treated the very thing that has been responsible for making me look so ‘beat’ and well put-together so poorly?  It was time for a change.

So while bringing my love, care, and honesty with me along with my flashlight, microscope, and maybe a pair of latex gloves, I politely ask you to allow me a peak into your makeup bag to assure that you’re not following my poor example of how NOT to treat your trusty holder of makeup.  Here are five makeup items you need to keep in your bag – nothing more, nothing less.

1.       Face powder – Whether your skin is oily, dry, or just plain tricky, a face powder reinforces your foundation and keeps your makeup fresh.  Once foundation hits your skin and the air, it can become lighter or darker.  A compact powder in your exact shade will refresh your look and ease the mid-day meltdown makeup blues.  

2.       Eye liner – The right liner has the potential to take your look from drab to fab in about 60 seconds flat.  Keep a black, dark brown, or navy liner in your bag. 

3.       Mascara – Every 4-6 weeks, a new tube of mascara should grace your makeup bag.  While you may be happy with how well it holds up throughout the day, nothing beats a fresh smolder on your lashes as you transition from a hard day at work to a night on the town with the girls. 

4.       Blush – The face powder will maintain your foundation but the blush will bring life back to your cheeks,  A matte brownish-pink shade or even a bronzer will do the trick every time. 

5.       Gloss – This product reminds your lipstick to stay put and adds the right touch to complete your makeup look.

As a bonus item, be sure to switch out makeup bags every six months, if possible, and wipe the inside and outside thoroughly with Clorox Bleach Wipes.  Doing both will reduce the spread of bacteria and help you maintain a highly useful and clean makeup bag.  Treat those bags right; they house important hardware.  Of course, there is no guarantee that we’ll always adhere to this list (hey, life happens, right?).  But the sake of the cleaner makeup cause, let’s show more love to our makeup bags. 

Hope this is helpful.  Be sure to send me picture this week of your makeup bags – the good, bad, and ugly.  I can be reached at chimere@diaryofanaturalgal.com with questions, comments, or concerns.  And please feel free to email face2facebeautydesign@yahoo.com to book Face2Face Beauty & Design for makeup applications.

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