Writers Block|”…So I Know It’s Real”

Written By: GeGe

(#NP Nikki- Tiara Thomas)

He was a friend of a friend who sent me a friend request. Usually the request would have gotten ignored but his page allowed me to see his pictures. He is an artist from DC and his work was amazing. There was something about his artistry that I related to as a woman, who like other women had been through their own share of “whatever.” I was intrigued because here is this man, creating pieces that are making me feel like I need to reflect on some things. The first time I fell in love, it was his “I Promise” piece. He sent a picture to my phone and I began to cry. It was a combination of the “I promise” written across the canvas and the expression the lady in the painting was giving that I felt. I needed to have her but he had already given her away. What he did have was a painting of a woman sitting on a cloud. She is rocking magenta fro and letting tears run her mascara down her cheek. Her eyes are piercing and she was strong. She sat upright and looked forward. She is my “baby mama.” I was getting this piece. I needed her.

I don’t know why I started calling this piece my baby mama; I said it once and it stuck. She looks like somebody’s mama or maybe if I was a mama. She is strong, beautiful, flawed, exposed, passionate, protected; she embodies what I feel makes women women. For my 28th birthday I went to Pinz-N-Needlez Tattoo on U.   Street and committed myself to this woman for the rest of my life. In February when I big chopped, I saw glimpses of her on my forearm through the few tears that fell. I’m well aware she is just woman in a painting but it’s something about her sitting up on a cloud, letting tears run her mascara, looking ahead that made me feel like I was going to be ok.

As much as I’d love to say every single day I feel fabulous and comfortable in my own skin that’s a lie and I’m not here to lie to y’all. Cutting off all my hair and being ok with me and my “nappy” hair was a lot. I was never worried about what other people would say. My issue was always me and if I was going to be comfortable just as me. Maybe it’s how she looks at me sitting upright on a cloud letting her tears run her mascara, or me cutting off all my hair in the bathroom but 17 months into being natural, I’m good with me!!! “I love my baby mama; I’ll never let her go”

Artist: Darryl “13” Bennett

TokyoThirteen Arts


Tattoo artist: Imani K. Brown

Indian Pussy Art & Tattoos


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