It’s A Thin Line| Show Me The Love

Robin S sang, “You’ve got to show me love…” and the group Brownstown sang, “If you love me, say it, do it, show it, prove it, ..” in the ’90s . Well in 2012 it’s not only the women that want you to show and prove your love, the fellas want to feel the as well. Watching a guilty pleasure reality tv show, a man who I’ll call “S” (If you watched you’ll know who I’m talking about because you watch too.) wasn’t happy in his relationship because his girlfriend didn’t express love with her physical actions. She was emotionless and didn’t show affection in the way he needed her to. He thought she didn’t care because she didn’t show her love the way he needed. Often times when we hear someone complain about getting or not getting affection, we immediately think of the woman┬ánot receiving it from a man. However, there are a lot of men out there that aren’t getting any lovin’ from their women. What’s up with that ladies? The tables have slowly turned. I’m not quite sure if it’s that the women have always been more vocal than men, but statically it has changed. Ladies, men want some love too. So what are you going to do?

In 2012, women are juggling a variety of things, such as children, work, school, social events and sadly their significant others are not the priority they should be. Let some men tell it, the men are a the bottom of the “to do list“. I know the priority scale is a sliding scale depending on the type of relationship you have. If you are dating, dating exclusively, engaged or married, your “affection meter” may vary. No matter what type of committment you have, affection should be a part of it in some capacity. Right?

You would think showing love and affection for someone you love would be a simple task, but what’s a natural function to some may not be the same for others. I’ve spoken to some women and I’ve gotten a few responses and reasons why they don’t show affection. Some say it doesn’t have anything to do with the level of love. Another woman told me she never saw or experienced affection when she was younger, so she didn’t know how to give it. This may seem foreign to some, but some people don’t like to hold hands or hug. I’m not talking about men, I’m talking about women. I’ve met women personally that can’t stand affection, whether it’s given or received. One women said it’s an awkward feeling to show affection. She is having difficulty in her relationship at this very moment, because of this reason alone. They have been together for two years and are engaged to be married. Through marital counseling it came up that she was not affectionate enough. He never said anything to her about it and she never knew her fiance felt so passionately about it. She said this was the only issue in their relationship. I said ” NOPE” that isn’t the only problem in the relationship, communication is the main problem. Would you agree?

So if kissing, hugging, love-making, holding hands, etc is important to you or your significant other, it needs to be discussed. Ladies call your men or ask them when you get home if you are showing them enough affection and see what they say. They first might ask you, if you bumped your head and if you are ok, but still ask. Start the dialogue to make sure you are showing the love they need. The answer just may surprise you!

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