Capitol Bills|The Political System & Your Wallet

The following weekly series is designed to boldly illustrate the direct correlation between the acts of government and its effect on the girth or minuscule size of the American people wallets. In particular, I intend to showcase the effects of financial political acts on the middle class or individuals bringing in between $25,000 and $100,000 a year in income. Now, before the hoopla over such a wide range of dollar signs, my figures take into account those living in NYC to Alabama. From those single with no kids or property to  those single with kids and property. There aren’t many differences between them, given current tax codes. But that is for future articles.

This first piece is to the plant the seeds of thinking. I intend for you, the reader, to think about comments made by political leaders regarding the wealth of Americans in a two-fold manner. If Democrats are for the “working families” of America, why do they impose so many taxes on “working families?” The average American pays dozens of taxes outside of income tax a year. Ranging from the infamous telephone Federal, state and local surcharge tax to my personal favorite excise taxes. Excise taxes are truly taxes on products you already pay sales tax for, but are levied because of the need for the government to raise revenue. If current Republicans are for less government, then stop spending so much. The last true fiscal conservative president was Richard Nixon. His presidency cut the debt down to 35.6% of Gross Domestic Product, today it’s almost at 100.

So yes, I’m calling both sides out. They have done a terrible job of protecting the most valued assets outside of our basic freedoms, the wealth of Americans. Future articles will give solutions to the current mess, for now, I wanted to show who spilled the mess in the first place.

Trae Lewis is a graduate of Howard University with a BA in Political Science. Member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Currently works in the financial services industry.

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