Product Review| Twists ‘N Locs

Reviewed By: Kendell

Products, products and more products! Every gal wants the best products and we try several to determine what’s right for us. Our hair is our crown and glory and my crown and glory happens to be locs! I’ve been wearing locs for about 4 1/2 years and have tried and tested many products.

This time around, I gave Twists ‘N Locs a try! Now I wasn’t a virgin completely to this brand. I have use their Protein Locking Formula to maintenance my locs in the past, and that was about it. When it was time to beautify myself this time around, I used several of Twists ‘N Locs products. I started with the Natural Oil Shampoo, which smelled phenomenal! I then followed up with their Organic Leave-In Conditioner, which smelled just has good. It left my locs soft and smelling wonderfully and fresh. The consistency for a leave conditioner was thicker than most leave ins, which was great! After the shampoo and conditioner I prepared my hair for the maintenance process . I first used the Anti-breakage and Growth Oil, while my hair was still wet. The smell, like all their products was wonderful, but I did notice that the first ingredient was mineral oil, which is not good for the hair. Mineral oil is a hydrophobe, it hates water so can only be removed with a surfactant. Washing your hair with the sulphate shampoo so often means that natural hair oils will become a thing of the past and you are back in breakage zone. The choice is yours. I then began the maintenance to my locs . To “maintenance” is smoothing out the new growth at the root of the loc, in which I used the Protein Locking Formula. The smell for the locking formula is great as well. It is a gel substance. It goes on smoothly, however I noticed it tended to flake once my hair was completely dry. :( After my hair was dried and styled, I sprayed it down with the Extra -Hold Spray Shine (not pictured).

The overall brand and it’s products were pretty good. It left my hair smelling great and shiny. I would use again without a doubt. However I would use the products in moderation, not daily. The brand does keep your hair smelling fantastic and at the end of the day it leaves you with a great shine!

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