Threading VS. Waxing

So, I use to be a believer of getting my eyebrows waxed, every 6 weeks. Yes, I use to wait six weeks; my hair grows very slow :0 I’ve been getting my brows waxed since I was 16, and I thought this was the best thing ever. About 6 years ago I got the worse eyebrow wax EVER. The person who did it took off so much that I had to wait 4 months before I could do anything with my brows. I’m so glad I was into doing makeup and knew how to use a brow pencil and powder. The spa that I use to work at had offered a service called threading. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal, it is popular in Persian culture where it is called Bande Abru (“Abru” means eyebrow, and “Band” is the thread). I was like: “What in the hell is this?” So I watched as someone got it done, I was amazed at how this worked! From that point on I have been a firm believer of threading. It does cost a few extra bucks than getting my brows waxed. But this result is so much better. I love the sharp precision of the thread, and how smooth my skin feels after. Not to mention that I get my brows done every 10 weeks now.

When I first got this done, this was not one of my favorite things to do. I would rather go get my vagina waxed, than get this done. Yes, I would rather go get a Brazilian. But after going to such great lengths I endured the 6 minutes of pain to have the best eyebrows known to man (the pain was all in my head anyway, that’s just how I am).  Now I don’t have to have hot wax coming toward my face anymore lol!

So, now I go see Pretti, who works at Threads (1534 U St. NW). She is so amazing. She’s very friendly and helpful when it comes to getting the perfect brow shape for you. I did cheat on her a few months ago, and got waxed. I shouldn’t have done that… Let me tell you, when I saw Pretti, she got me right together. She told me if I don’t come see her and my brows are messed up, she won’t fix them… I couldn’t do anything but laugh.

I just want to say, that if you get your brows done, look into other alternatives besides waxing. Tweezing is great as well. What are some ways you keep your brows groomed, and in great condition. I would love to know where you go to get your brows done. You can always hit me up at

Until next time…♥

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4 responses to “Threading VS. Waxing

  1. I love getting my eyebrows threaded. It’s way better than waxing. As you stated it’s more precise.

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