“Touch it Why Don’t Cha” #NP White Turns to Grey- Bilal

His hand brushes the back of my neck, I lean my head to the side. His fingers roam through my fro and I’m so glad I detangled. He says, “OMG it’s so soft,” I say, “I know”. He says something else but I can’t answer because he is rubbing my scalp and I’m pretty sure I’m about to fall asleep. THIS.IS.AMAZING!!!! Made me think about how many times I allowed a man to mess in my hair when I had a relaxer; NONE!!!! I either just got it done (that’s a “nah son”) or needed to get it done (and yall know about that new growth life).

As much as I love my hair, I love when a man can accept and love my hair as well. Men tend to love them some long flowing hair. I have a clue why but it’s not that kind of blog so we’ll keep it moving. There is no better feeling than waking up to someone playing in my hair or someone randomly brushing up the back of my hair with their hand. That ladies, is intimacy I had NEVER known. So, to all the men who adore us natural hair gals, I salute you!!!

**Quick little something about this detangling brush I LIVE FOR!!! It’s the Curl Detangler Brush I ordered from http://www.lovingyourhairworkshop.com. LOVE IT!!! I have thrown away my teaser, wide toothcombs and shower comb. I only have this brush and my pick. The brush moves with my hair as I’m detangling giving me a much easier time. I love it, I recommend it, its the bee’s knees.

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