Melody Ehsani: Breaking Barriers

Being a designer set on owning your craft is hard;wanting to be more than what you are told to be. Not willing to compromise your God-given talent to fit a mold is a challenge. I immediately related when I read accessory designer Melody Ehsani’s story.  Born into a traditional Persian family in L.A, Melody felt compelled to not be the “typical”woman.  After college, instead of enrolling to Law school, feeling drawn to design she decided to follow her spirit.  “I guess you can say that design is apart of my divine blueprint” notes Melody. Coming from a culture where a woman’s status is defined by your marriage Melody has broken that barrier.  Designing controversial trendsetting accessories that scream self-expression and self-identity, she is giving women a voice.

Bite Me Necklace $56

Pow Gun Ring $50-$70

Her collection ranges from rings, necklaces, bracelets,  pins earrings, badass studded limited edition Reebok’s and nail appliques.  Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Beyonce and  Rhianna are just a few of the power house women that rock Melody’s jewelry. Gun rings, Phoenix earrings and the most recent and very popular, Queen of the Jungle pendant necklace are just a few of the pieces that tell the story of a woman with something to say.


I fell in love all over again when I checked out the lookbook.  The model rocks bullet earrings, a serious green cat eye and septum piercing,vintage denim dress and disheveled curly hair.  This is definitely a brand for the fashion forward woman that makes bold fashion statements.


Style is a mixture of  pop art, bold colors, oversized geo shapes, tribal, glam, funny, 80’s inspired gold chains, oversized fruit shapes, hip-hop and street culture. Prices are very affordable, jewelry ranges between $25-$300.

Shop Melody Ehsani here.

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