Mr. 5th of the Month

This is something that I wrote in April of 2011. I was inspired in the middle of the night, and I am still trying to figure out by what…  Just decided to write down what I felt…  I don’t know where this came from but I just wanted to share a different side of me…  Hope you enjoy it… ♥

As I stepped out of the shower, I wondered, what my infatuation is with you. You always bring something new to the table for me, and I love it. I knew it… You are lying on the bed, ready for me to join you. You’re excited; I’m excited, because time is never on our side. But, tonight it will be. I get on top of you, kissing you, in all the right places, I know you like. Our perfect routine is always on point, done right. But, tonight you wanna do something different, and I’m down for it. So, I lay back on the bed, wondering what’s going to happen. You give me a blindfold, and tell me to place it over my eyes. I ask, ‘what’s the big surprise’. You say, ‘wait and see, and you promise this will be the best you’ve had’…..

Blindfold on, I lean back. You begin kissing me passionately, caressing my breast, grabbing hold of my thighs. Something was different in the way you did this. The blindfold added an intense feel to the way you’re on me. Damn, I love it. You know, I’m wet with excitement, and ready for you to enter me. You tell me ‘no’, there’s still more to come. You then tell me to turn over, and lay on my stomach. I do so, so willingly. You begin to massage my back, moving slowly down my hips, grabbing my waist in the most secure way. You slowly move down to my buttocks. Massaging my ass, ever so perfectly. I let out a moan of total ecstasy. In between moans, you ask, am I ready… You gently hold my hips, and whisper in my ear ‘you are’… As I’m about to remove the blindfold, you say ‘No!! Leave it on’.

You pull my hips closer to your body. As you enter me from behind, we both make the sweetest sound of ecstasy, I’ve ever heard. My body gets chills, whenever you touch me. Your kiss, your everything excites me. You finally take the blindfold off of me. Then, you flip me over. I get on top of you, and begin riding you like the stallion you are. I’m on the verge of cumming, and you know it. You hit that spot, and suddenly I explode, and you hold me, until my orgasm has subsided. You give me 3 more in turn. And on the 4th one, we both cum together. Moaning in unison. That intense moment of ecstasy, never getting old to me, and I enjoy it every single time. You kiss me on the cheek, and then you get up to shower. I’m laying in our sheets, full of the sweet sex smell that’s beginning to turn me on again. I fell asleep, while you’re in the shower. What, I thought were moments later, turned out to be hours later. And, you’re gone. I begin to wonder, was it all a dream. Then, I look over and see a note from you, and now I remember, this was so real. ‘My dearest love, you lay here so peacefully, that I didn’t want to disturb your slumber. I’ll be thinking of you always’…. Missing you more, than you will miss me… ‘Mr. 5th of the Month’….

I smile to myself, as I read this… Now, I have to get up. I do so… Showering, washing, away your scent, the smell of you turns me on, and makes me miss you more. The shower is over, and I go and change the sheets. Knowing, I want to lay in them, forever. I go downstairs, and start on breakfast. I know 9 am, is around the corner… As soon as I set breakfast on the table, you walk in, with your bouquet of flowers, and your luggage from your long journey. I run up to you, and tell you, how much I miss you, and never wanting you to leave me. I know this won’t happen, because you have to leave once a month for a week, but always returning on the 5th. My secret rendezvous will always happen, when you’re away. It’s one thing you will never know about me. I hate waiting for the 5th of every month. But, you have so much mystery and so much charisma, that if we were ever together, more that what we are, it will never work for us. My man, the one I can’t live without; the one I love unconditionally, and whom I’m married to, needs me. I’m his support, and he knows it. The only thing he doesn’t know about is my love affair with ‘Mr. 5th of the Month’….

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