I’m Bored With My Hair!!!

Lately I’ve been so indecisive in regards to my hair. One minute I’m ready to cut it all off, the next minute I want to do another color then the final second I want to do an undercut on one side of my head! What the heck is going on with me? I noticed that when I start becoming indecisive in this way that I have to back away from the scissors & the dye…I gotta go back to the drawing board to really think about what I want to get out of my hair style.

Here are some tips/questions to ask when considering a hair style change:

  • Make sure this is really what you want & not just a bad hair day
  • Research pictures or watch videos to get inspired or find new styling ideas
  • If considering a cut make sure that you consider your face shape; everything is not for everybody!
  • When considering color make sure to consult a colorist to make sure that your hair is healthy enough to withstand the process
  • If considering a cut try a updo close to the style to see if you like the look; this is very useful when considering doing a major cut in the back & you can even slick down your sides to see if you truly want that undercut :)

These are some of the same questions & tips I’ve been trying this week. I would like to get more creative with my styling techniques so that I can do more things with my hair instead of just giving up. Got any ideas?

Does anyone else experience this type of back & forth? What do you do when you grow tired of your tresses? Let us know!

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2 responses to “I’m Bored With My Hair!!!

  1. If your thinking of the undercut, or shaving one side you can always conside doing cornrows, it give the illusion, and is a cute protective style. I would do it for you :)

    As for me, I’am transitioning and my hair is taking me to the point of BC now, but I’am keeping my hair put away in with braids and twist until 6 months and cutting it off then. When I let my hair down from the braids I will be doing a satin twist out, the best style for me.

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