It’s A Thin Line| Sisterly Love

By Kendell Lenice

With so many reality shows on today and so many movies portraying the good and bad of sisterhood, it inspired me to write a little about it. Movies in the past like Waiting to Exhale or Steel Magnolias (remake airing tonight 10/7/12 on Lifetime) showed the unity among girlfriends who were more like family. Then you fast forward to recent years and look at some of these reality shows which I won’t call them out by name…let’s just use initials of one of them…..B.W…. :)… I couldn’t resist!

If you are a reality show junkie like I am, you know the negative ones I’m speaking of and there are a lot of them for us to view. The shows are filled with negativity, drama, backstabbing, and competition among the ladies and I use that term loosely. What is that teaching the young girls about sisterhood? I’ll answer that, nothing. It’s not teaching anything positive about loving and supporting our sisters. I was told by my mother when I was younger that, “You want for your “sister” what you would want for yourself.” You should love and want for your sister what you want for you and treat them accordingly. When it comes to sisterly love there should be no jealously, envy, unhealthy competition, or malice words. We should uplift, encourage and inspire our sisters. We should cheer them on when they are doing something powerful or fantastic. Our sisters also need our support and love when they are experiencing the rough patches of life. We are and should be our sisters keeper. The job of a sister is to hold each other up and accountable for our actions, when we aren’t being so “sisterly”. This doesn’t mean you won’t argue or possible disagree with one another. This doesn’t mean your sister won’t get on your nerves, however it’s how it’s handled. We all can be better sister-friends and be our own examples.

I also wanted to give a list of a few positive “Sisterly” reality shows. Some of them actually show women, uplifting, inspiring and laughing! :-) Try these out:

* R&B Divas

* Hollywood Exes

* Girlfriend Confidential – L.A.

* Tia and Tamera

* La La’s Full Court Life

Check them out! Be encouraged! Remember you are a “Starr” so don’t let anyone dim your shine!

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