Girl Where Are Those Edges???

My infamous go to style is the high puff but this style has caused major havoc on my hairline. Well I guess it’s not fair to say that the style itself is the cause of the descend of my hairline but rather my application method. Just a heads up: this ish may seem a little retarded yet I beg you to bear with me. You see I thought I had the high puff method down now the only thing that is down is my damn edges!! But I digress…

Now I would normally take pics during this part but I couldn’t because that one second could cost me…#realtalk. Plus the hubs said he wasn’t getting involved in anything that looks slightly like some dominatrix ish so I’ll just walk you through the steps:

  1. I pick my hair out from the root; I like to make my hair fluffy & full
  2. I then place gel around my hair-line and then brush upwards for a sleek look
  3. Now I’m ready to get the puff together so I grab my good ol Goody stretch headband (now this is when it gets tricky)
  4. I place the headband around my neck once then again (yeah this is the retarded part)
  5. Keeping one to two fingers under the band (mainly so I don’t choke myself) I begin to push the headband up my face
  6. Once I get the piece over my forehead then I slide it ever so lightly over my hairline & let it find its spot

*While performing this task I always make sure I have scissors nearby just in case I underestimated the elasticity in the headband! The last thing I want to happen is for my child to find me laid out on the bathroom floor because of a high puff!*

Silly right? But every time I do my puff like this I get awesome immediate results but check out the after effects that this style has had on my hair-line.

Yes the struggling between the Goody band & my hair-line is real!!!! The Goody band won the fight & took my edges with her! Now some may believe that the breakage is coming from my hair color because of the bleach that is used doing the blond but I would have to disagree. I have no breakage throughout my hair outside of my hair-line which coincides with the fact that I’ve been wearing my hair up a lot more lately.

So how do I plan to get my edges back??? Good question. This is my plan:

  • STOP my dumb a$$ application method (lol) before I either take all my edges out or kill myself!
  • Apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my problem areas on the daily
  • Refrain from putting my hair up for a while or look for other options if this is the style of choice

Has this every happened to you? What techniques do you use to achieve a high puff? Do you have any special products that you use for hair breakage? Let us know by commenting below!

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4 responses to “Girl Where Are Those Edges???

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