Moderne Meid Mouths Off| Should Men Be Allowed To Defend Themselves Against Women?

Recently, a video of a bus driver in a confrontation with a female passenger went viral. As expected, debates about who was in the right or wrong and ‘should men defend themselves against women’, emerged very quickly.

If you haven’t seen the video of the confrontation, it can be found here.

According to many, the 25-year old woman provoked the 59-year old bus driver. She was arguing with him and then pushed him, which led to the bus driver getting up from his seat and giving her an uppercut punch. The woman was then pushed or dragged off the bus and the driver threw her jacket down with her. The woman came back up again and continued to struggle with the driver. Only then, did people start getting involved and attempting to separate the woman and the driver.

A woman can be heard saying in the background ‘she’s a female’. The bus driver responded with ‘I don’t care, if she’s gonna be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man’. The woman was clearly shaken, embarrassed and upset with the bus driver’s reaction to her attack.

The bus driver can be seen struggling with the woman.

This situation begs the question, ‘should men be able to defend themselves when attacked by a woman?‘.

There’s a general assumption that men should not hit women (even if the woman attacks the man first). The woman in this video, took advantage of the idea that men shouldn’t hit women. She was clearly shaken and even surprised that she got hit, I bet she won’t do that again!

It is true that a lot of men do not hit women, but there are definitely many who would hit back if approached violently by a female. I’ve seen many men choose to restrain women when physically attacked.

I believe that men and women shouldn’t put hands on each other. But if a situation arises where a woman hits a man and the woman is clearly someone who couldn’t defend herself against the man, the man should choose to restrain her, rather than physically attack her. If a man is in danger when attacked by a woman, he should be able to defend himself physically.

Bus drivers get assaulted and abused on a daily basis, so the driver’s response wasn’t surprising. However, I feel that he overreacted in the situation because of the amount of force he put in his punch. He should have dealt with the situation differently instead of taking a risk losing his job.

The woman is completely in the wrong for provoking the bus driver in the first place. It was irresponsible and unnecessary. The arguing could have caused a serious accident!

Do you think men should be allowed to defend themselves physically when attacked by a woman? Who’s side are you on in this situation?

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2 responses to “Moderne Meid Mouths Off| Should Men Be Allowed To Defend Themselves Against Women?

  1. The bus driver made a calculated move because he could have simply walked off the bus and called the authorities. With that being said, the young woman was totally in the wrong and honestly should not have hit him unless she was prepared to get it right back. They both were wrong and it is a shame that someone had to lose his job and maybe catch a charge behind this foolishness. That punch looks like it hurt – ouch!

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