Writers Block|“Get In My Belly!!!!!!!”

#NP Wicked Moon Angel Haze ft Nicole Wray

Today is Wednesday, October 10, 2012 aka day three of me working out; honestly I hate it. This may be because I: a) I haven’t worked out in years, b) taking off the weight is not nearly as fun as putting it on and c) its getting cold and I would much rather be in the house sipping wine and eating pasta. Let me say this because I feel it MOST IMPORTANT, me working out is NOT about the size of my clothes. I’m totally fine with being a size 20; however diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol are real! I have absolutely no desire to be 29 years old (in 22 days) taking medication for my health when I could have prevented it. This for me is going to be a lifestyle change and I’m going to baby step it. Does this mean I won’t enjoy my wine or pasta or a lot of things I eat now, no, it does mean I will be more conscious of what I’m putting into my body.

Now, exercise….*dramatic sigh*….is going to be the actual problem. Realistically I’ll probably only work out in the gym for two weeks. I intend on looking for a dance or water aerobics class, maybe both….maybe pole dancing (owww & you never know with this economy).  I need to find something and quickly because I’m over it….and my trainer “pushing me.” So as I sit at my computer thinking about craft beer and fried chicken, I am making a commitment to myself to save my own life. Y’all pray for me though because I’m sure my body is going to go in major shock if I don’t get some ice cream soon!!! “that’s right put in work, move your ass, go wizzerk, eat your salad no dessert”

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