Enter Karizma’s Kloset| Kisha’s Top 10 Style Tips

There are tons of “HOW TO” and “MUST HAVE” style tips to live by.  Here are my top 10 styling tips I keep in mind every time I get dressed or go shopping.

1. Mix patterns and prints.  It adds more interest to your style and it allows you to create more outfits  with what you already have in your closet.  Mix fearlessly, anything matches when you rock it with confidence.  DO IT: Stripes and floral, plaids and stripes, geo shapes and paisley.

Stripe top.Leopard shorts and bangles-Urban Outfitters
Necklace-Karizma Inc
Sequin bag-Vintage

2. Know your body shape. Are you curvy, hourglass, or pear?  Everything isn’t for everybody!!!  Knowing your body shape automatically makes shopping for new pieces easier.  Accentuate and show off your best assets. DO IT: Curvy girls, never wear anything super loose or box-shaped.  It gives you a shapeless figure and what you want to show are your curves!

3. Invest in staple pieces; create a closet of “must have” pieces.  Spending a little more on the items that you will have forever and can transition into each season is key.  DO IT: Buy a stripe dress in a neutral color, it can be worn in the summer with sandals and layered with tights and denim jacket in the fall.  A great pair of oxfords, a genuine leather bag, and military surplus jacket.

Denim vest and turquoise Oxfords-Urban Outfitters
Stripe dress-H&M
Beaded Necklace-Anthropologie

4.  Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!  Accessories can make any outfit stylish.  A great statement necklace, huge earrings, pins, stacked bangles, rings, pile it on. DO IT: Watch it, if you’re wearing huge earrings you don’t need a necklace.  Opt for arm candy and rings instead.  You do not want to look like Mr.T, less is more.

Karizma Inc. Accessories

5. Shop vintage; adding vintage pieces to your outfit creates a timeless look.  You never want to be too trendy, plus vintage clothes are cheaper and you can alter and create a great up cycled one of a kind piece.  D.I.Y. projects are the best!  DO IT:  Hit up your local Goodwill, Salvation Army and Yard sales.  You will be surprised with the treasures you find for under $10.00

Top – Vintage from my Granny, Vintage Belt & Shorts – Goodwill, Earrings & Leather Bow – Karizma Inc.,

6.  Watch your proportions!!! Very important depending on your body shape and age.  If you have on a fitted short skirt PLEASE don’t wear a cropped top.  Your top should be flowy and loose. If your top is loose and shapeless, rock a fitted bottom like leggings or shorts.

7. Mix in rich textures.  Adding velvet, leather or sequins upgrades your outfit giving you a more polished, dressy look plus a chance to mix in high and low-end pieces.  Mix in rich textured accessories also, purses, shoes and hair accessories are great and easy finds at the thrift stores.  DO IT: Pair a sequins top and floral skirt, leather skirt and faux fur vest.

Sequin Top – My Granny, Floral Skirt – Anthropologie, Leather Hair Bow – Karizma Inc.

8.  Buy a motorcycle jacket!  I love a fitted moto jacket over a super femme top or dress.  It makes any outfit so much cooler and ironic , plus  its a great piece for layering in the fall or winter.

Zoe Kravitz

9.  Invest in a great pair of   jeans!  You can create any look with a pair of jeans.  They are ageless and timeless and can be worn anywhere.  Buy the best style for you shape and a wash that can be transitioned from summer to fall, darker washes are great.   Depending on where you live, white jeans in the winter are a huge NO.  DO IT: Boyfriend distressed jeans are my fave.  They are a little rugged and masculine, and can be worn many ways to create tons of different looks. Paired with a blazer or femme dressier top and stacked heels gives my outfit more interest.

Jeans – Hot Kiss (Macys), Floral Vest, Grey T-Shirt & Black Cluth - Urban Outfitters

10.  HAVE FUN!!!  Mix and match what feels good to you.  Your style looks great when you feel great about what you’re wearing.  Confidence is the best style.  What are your style tips?  E-mail me at kisha@naturalgalsdiary.com so we can share!!

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