Here Comes the Bride – Choosing the Right Bridal Makeup Artist

Fall is my favorite time of year: the air is crisp, the leaves turn beautiful colors, and in my heart I know that somewhere two people are preparing to spend the rest of lives together in holy matrimony.  I am not just a hopeless romantic; I’m also a successful makeup artist who is preparing for the joyous fall and winter wedding season.  Before 2012 makes its exit, I look forward to speaking with at least 5 brides to-be who are looking for a makeup artist capable of transforming her into a lovely princess bride in less than an hour flat.  Working well under pressure allows me to enjoy the hectic activity that occurs on wedding days.  I love meeting family and bridal party members.  But more importantly, I appreciate the confidence each bride places in me to help keep her somewhat sane during one of the biggest days of her life.  If you’re getting married soon (and can’t reach me for services), here are five characteristics you should be looking for in your prospective bridal makeup artist.

  • Good Communication — Your bridal makeup artist should be as accessible to you as possible.  Whether it’s via phone, email, or letter, once you narrow down the artist you have in mind, they should be able to speak with you about services, rates, and availability. Moreover, they should possess a body of bridal makeup work to showcase at your request. If you’re still waiting to receive information from an artist you contacted two days ago, you should already be looking for someone who is committed to making your bridal makeup dreams come true.
  • Offers Bridal Consultations – Test makeup applications are the second most important times in your bridal makeup experience.  A consultation personally introduces you to your artist and allows you to convey your perfect bridal look in hopes that they are able to achieve it.  The artist should encourage you to bring photos of yourself or sample bridal looks that you admire.  While consultations are not usually free of charge, wouldn’t you like to know you’ve booked the right makeup artist before your wedding day?
  • Timeliness – Unless the sky has completely fallen, there is no reason your prospective bridal makeup artist is not on time for your consultation or makeup appointment.  Timeliness is synonymous with professionalism, care, and courtesy.  And although weddings usually never start on time (though I promise, mine will), there is comfort in knowing that your artist arrived to the church, house, or hotel at least 15 minutes prior to greet you and set up their makeup station.  (Have you seen a professional makeup artist’s kit lately?!)
  • Patience – Your day should run as smoothly as possible.  The caterers will be arriving with food; your bridal party members will be wondering about their dresses; and your coordinator will be finalizing details.  Your makeup artist should be patient, courteous, polite, and ready for any last-minute changes that will occur on your wedding day.  You’ll find out if they can stand the test when you speak with them over the phone and especially when you meet him or her in person.
  • Attention to Detail – Your perfect artist will be as good as listener as they are an artist.  They should hear that you’re not interested in a black smoky eye or red lips. But keep an eye out for the artist who is able to explain to you various looks that may compliment your facial shape, skin tone, and dress. What works for you may actually surprise you. The right artist isn’t trying to change your mind; they are merely exercising their expertise coupled with your wishes to create the most amazing look for you.  And isn’t that why you’re going to hire him or her anyway?

I hope this helps you choose your bridal makeup artist wisely.  Show me your wedding makeup or ask questions about bridal makeup at  And remember I am available for bridal makeup consultations by contacting me at  Happy wedding planning!

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