Come Roll With Me| Glamour Daze at MAC

On Tuesday October 15th, The Natural Gal and myself went to an event hosted my Mac at Pentagon City Mall. It was for a new line called, Glamour Daze. The event was invitation only.

Now, let me get into the thick of it…

The event was cute, but I don’t think I would do another one again… 1st if you know the Mac store in Pentagon City is super small, and it had to be at least 50 or more people in there. Let me back up some… You have to call, and set up a time that you want to go. We decided on 7:30. So, we both thought that it was going to be something where a few people are in to preview the new line, have some cocktails, eat some hors d’oeuvre and get some discounted items before they hit the shelves. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. Other events I’ve been too had discounted items, even a raffle, with the line being featured. I wasn’t going to go away empty handed, so I decided on a blush from the line, (I’m the One) and a lip pencil I needed… I did see a few eye shadows that I would get. (Let me pay my bills 1st before I go HAM!!!!)

This was a cute event, and the entertainment was awesome, but it just had way too many people, and I don’t think it was organized very well… The true product junkie in me might go to another event to see what they have to offer, but the realistic me, does not want to be bothered with a group of people, and all that hustle and bustle.

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