Life Reflection| Iyanla Fix My Life

“Whenever he needs me I’m there.”

“When he asks me to pray for him, I do without hesitation.”

“But he can’t accept me.”

These are just some of the statements that were made last night’s on Iyanla Fix My Life from a young woman who has started the transition to becoming a man. She was born Cynthia however has felt as if she was born in the wrong body which is why she has decided to become her true self which is Jerimyah.

Her father holds onto his religious beliefs and continues to preach to Jerimyah about the repercussions that this would cause her from a biblical standpoint instead of understanding the major change his daughter is getting ready to undergo & accepting her. You see this change is for the betterment of her. She has never felt like Cynthia but has played the role for everyone else so they could feel comfortable. But now she is living for herself!

Last night’s episode was so moving to me because I know from my own personal experiences I have held on to aspects of my life to appease other people. I had to determined that I was going to live the life that I destined for myself not what others expected. Once I did this, I no longer worried about the acceptance…I just had to be true to me.

How many times have you altered yourself whether it be your appearance, sexual preference, religion, etc. to make other people comfortable? What made you stop this behavior & be or do YOU?

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