It’s A Thin Line| Do You Know What You Really Want?

Are you tired of being single? When is the last time you were on a date? Do you know what you really want? It’s funny how we, as women are tired of being single, but we don’t know what we want.  We have a list of haves and have nots and we are quick to kick a Brotha to the curb if he doesn’t meet some silly requirement. Am I saying that you should have standards? Of course I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is you have to be clear on what’s really important and substantial and what really isn’t. There are a lot of good men out there that get overlooked because they don’t meet the mark in our eyes. We often ignore the great men because his eyes aren’t asymmetrically perfect or his nose is too wide. We examine these men from head to toe and if he doesn’t wear a size 11 or above then we count him out. What happened to character, content and heart.? What happened to being treated like a queen and being loved like an angel? You may miss your opportunity to get swept away by your soul mate because his hair cut was a little crooked.

How many times have you been with the wrong guy because you looked at the shallow things he had to offer? A lot of women neglect the nice guy’s love or advances because they want someone that’s not going to treat them well. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. The man who never returns calls, never shows up when you need him, but kisses well is the man you want. The man who showers you with love, gifts, and kindness is not the one you’re feeling, for whatever reason. I get that you must have a vibe and connection with someone, but sometimes that comes later. Love doesn’t always come as a fairytale at first, but the ending may be storybook if you let yourself go.

You only can get what you want, if you know what you really want. So think about what’s really important to you in the long run. Write down the attributes of your dream man, but make the list real. Keep the list based on the character of a man and not the outside shell. Keep your options open and think outside the box. You just may meet your Prince Charming and he may look different from you expected. The nice guys don’t alwats have to finish last because the last time I checked, nice guys were still in style. They never are out dated. A man that loves you for you,  is the best guy for you.  Think about it!

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