AIDS Walk 2012

It’s Saturday October 12, and this morning I participated in the AIDS Walk. I walked in memory of my friend David, who passed away this February.

It was a host of David’s family and friends that came out and celebrated his life and his memory. We had a great time with the walk. It was a 3 mile walk that started near Freedom Plaza, walking toward the Capital and back. The weather was nice, and near the end of the walk, we even spotted a rainbow.  That was a good sign :-).

It took over an hour to do, because we stopped to talk about David, take pictures, and just have fun with it…   It was really an amazing, and a very humbling experience… There was a young man there, who had Cerebral Palsy, who walked. He was very inspiring to a lot of people out there too. It just makes me think, no matter what state or condition you’re in, you can do anything that you put your mind too…

Have you ever lost anyone to HIV and AIDS; share your story with me… I would love to hear it…

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