Enter Karizma’s Kloset| Luxury Style vs Thrifting Finds

I’m all for splurging every now and then on pieces I must have. There are times when flip through magazines or go shopping and I will NEED those $200 boots or $900 Luis Vuitton laptop case (I still need that) and will literally dream of it until I own whatever it is. Sad but hey, that’s the life of  an obsessive shopper. But, there are more times when I can thrift the same item for under $10 and leave feeling like a million bucks.  I found this classic 80′s Versace printed blouse for $5.96 at the Goodwill. It’s almost identical with matching fans and iconic chain design. Apparently Versace re-issued 3 styles of the famous blouse this year in colors red,gold and pink.  Needless to say, I was toooo excited when I came across this jewel. I can’t wait to rock this blouse!! Here is my top versus the Famous 80′s Versace blouse priced $800-$1,300!

Thrifted Blouse

Vintage Versace Blouse

Do you have any Luxury Style vs Thrifting Finds pieces? Send me pics and info at kisha@naturalgalsdiary.com :)

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